Tablo 4th gen device briefly unusable during hour changes

I have noticed many times since the 2.2.50 firmware update that if I try to do anything when the hour is changing, the Tablo will stop working as it should.

Often this involves the app restarting during an action and if I look at the clock it’s usually an “on the hour” type of situation. Simple things like deleting a recording, finishing watching a recording, changing a system setting, modifying the guide data (rescanning, adding/removing a channel) or even attempting to switch Tablo 4th gen devices will give errors or cause the app to reboot if this action is performed during the time change from X:59 to Y:00.

Most used devices are my FireTV and GoogleTV and this happens quite frequently on both. It’s become a habit of looking at the clock any time I get an error and most of the time this weird behavior is during or right after the hour changes.

Just now, I was following @TabloTV Support’s request to remove a channel and I was given a very brief error in red when I went to “Save and Continue.” A quick glance at the clock said it had just turned noon.

Regardless of the error, when I looked at the saved list, the channel WAS unchecked.

Anyone noticing similar behavior?

I checked and noticed similar sluggishness at the top of the hour.

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I’ve also been experiencing this for several weeks using the Roku app. I generally change channels right at the hour (6pm CT) and see various anomalies such as a non-responsive “watch live” button or if I exit the app it sometimes cannot find the Tablo device on the network.

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Did a rescan for both of my Tablos. Got this first error at 6:59pm when I pressed “Save and Continue”

I tried to perform another scan right from this menu and got the same message again. Closed app, opened app, went to settings:

Odd because all the stations were still saved. Ran a new scan and saved the new channels – everything seems to be okay.

This is just tonight’s example of the hour change behavior. What’s going on @TabloSupport ? I’m not asking about these errors, I’m asking about these odd behaviors when the hour hand changes on the clock. I will try to post more examples as they happen, but hopefully someone from @TabloTV can give us a little info.

(I realize that Dec 31, 1969 is a Linux date/time thing, but why it’s giving this info here is strange.)

I get the same extreme sluggishness, but not just at the top of the hour but at the 1/2 hours as well. In fact, if the Roku Tablo app isn’t already running/connected, I usually can’t get the Roku tablo app to connect to tablo device at all until 2 minutes after the hour or half hour. It’s definately frustrating when you want to catch the start of the 6:00pm news and you have to remember to launch the app at 5:59 or earlier or you’ll have to wait until 6:02.

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