Tablo 4th Gen buzz when changing channels and

When exiting the app?

My TV feeds a soundbar system with a sub thru eArc and when changing channels the back surrounds generated a 1 second long buzz.

Then when I exited the app, the buzz was about 2 seconds long AND the subwoofers popped. My soundbar has never exhibited this behavior before.

Has anyone else had this issue? If this happens again the Tablo is going back to Best Buy. Making the subwoofer pop is non-negotiable behavior.

Sorry to hear about your audio troubles.

The closest I have to your issue is when using the Roku app with a Bluetooth speaker connected to the TV.

I get a few weird crackles and pops when I first launch the app and start to play something, but after a few seconds it goes away and doesn’t seem to come back until I start completely over again (TV/Roku/speaker rebooted). It’s the only time this happens and any other combination of viewing/listening works fine.

No idea if the Roku is on the eArch HDMI port or the secondary.

Great description of your issue. If you add which app (Roku/Android/Fire) and version you’re using, we can all help you figure this out, or at least find a way to replicate your problem.

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LG CX TV feeding a Nakamichi Dragon soundbar thru eArc.

Device is a latest Gen Fire TV Cube running the Tablo app. The HD Home run app, nor You Tube or any other app has made this happen before.

I’ll be watching football later today so I will change channels etc some more and see if it happens again.

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Great info! Continue testing and keep us informed of any patterns you’ve noticed.

I have not been able to reproduce it over the last few days. Hopefully it was a fluke. Thx!

Glad things have improved for you.

Thanks for keeping us updated!