Tablo 4th Gen Buffering Issues

Just purchased a Tablo 4th GEN OTA DVR. Went through the set up fine. Can watch OTA channels through the Tablo app on my Apple iPhone, but trying to view stations through the Tablo app on Roku Express is pointless as the signal continues to buffer. Both the iPhone and Roku are on the same network, so it seems like an issue with the Roku Express. This is one of the new Roku Express devices with dual band WiFi capability.

I have a Rocu Express and it does the same thing. Aggravating. Have to start all over n cross your fingers it will work this time.
I’m hoping it’s something they’re working on and a update will fix.

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Unfortunately, I’ve realized too many times with tech products you can’t tell which part of the system isn’t communicating with the other part, or which software isn’t compatible. I tried all the troubleshooting tips, but no luck. Returned it to Best Buy and will wait on the fix. Hope it comes soon, because I love the concept, the channel guide is great, and there aren’t many good DVRs out there at this price point.

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I’m leaning that way right now… sadly
I have a the quad hdmi and i just ordered a refurbished quad ota (ugh! they’re so hard to find now and have been)
I know tablo was bought by someone else but I wish the companies would have figured out a deal to continue legacy models until the 4gen’s were ready to be put on the market.
Just good advertising on the units would have brought sales way up til the 4gen. People don’t know about about the legacy models is the problem.
They goof up at times but i can deal with that.

It might be best to consider the OG models to be something created by a totally (very) different company. (??)

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Completely different
Seems like the only things that is in the change so far is tablo name on the product and not being able to buy other models.