Tablo (4th gen) app crashing watching recordings on Sony Bravia

Topic says it all. Starting this week (2/12) anything I record when I try to watch it will cause the app to crash. Anything recorded prior to 2/12 does not have problem. When trying to watch new recordings, within 3-5 minutes the video will begin to stutter as if buffering, then within 10 minutes the app will crash and reboot. Reset of tablo (short button press and/or no power for 30+ seconds) did not help. Uninstall/re-install app did not help.

Sounds like the same problem I am having with FireTV stick.

this morning, a recording that would not play without crashing on Friday, plays with no problem…however after watching 10 minutes of it, I went to the live guide to schedule a recording for today, and the app locked up and crashed

Sony Bravia Android TV. Latest Android FW and latest Tablo App
4th gen 4 channel
Tablo App crashes everytime I watch non OTA streaming channels.
Worked great several weeks ago.
Locks up the entire TV and need to unplug.
Same streaming Chanel’s work fine on Google free tv app.
Definitely a Tablo app issue.
It seems to start with buffering issues then spirals to lock up.
Everything works great using the iPad Tablo app. No buffering or crash issues.