Tablo 4th Gen 2-Tuner Frequently Disconnects--need hard boot

Hi there, bought the 50 hour version in October 2023, and I’ve never got through one week without it disconnecting from network, usually on Wednesday around midnight for some reason–it then will not reconnect, and even the phone app to reconnect won’t work. Only hardboot gets it going again, but that means I always lose one day of recordings every week. I’ve had two high speed networks, one Comcast, one Ziply, and problem is the same. Running on Roku 4k. I’ve never gone about 60% full on hard drive. Are the new units more stable? Even with problems I like the device, but this is maddening. Do you think switching to the new LG app on my LG tv would help? thx/.

You didn’t state whether you were using ethernet or wifi.

If you’re using wifi, have you tried rebooting your network?

Thanks for reply. Tablo is connected to wifi, as is the roku it’s going through. I have not tried rebooting the network, but I hesitate to do that a so many systems in the house work off the wifi. None of the other devices have had any connection issues. The weird part of this is when the Tablo disconnects from the network, the mobile app is unable to detect the Tablo unit—so I have to unplug the Tablo and reboot that.

Have you tried a hard wired connection. Something else also that this sounds like a dhcp ip address loss. Your wifi router may be knocking it off. i would try a hardwired connection then a new wifi router.

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I agree that is sounds like a possible DHCP issue. If you can try setting up a reservation for the Tablo device so that it gets the same IP address every time it renews its address.

like @exwxman95 mentioned… add a reserve or shorten your DHCP lease time. So your router rolls through the IP quicker.

Also confirm you have decent signal to the Tablo and Roku location. inSSIDer on your laptop would give you a good read.

If it was a problem with the DHCP server and renewing IP lease times why would it usually happen on Wednesday at around midnight. Many consumer routers use a 24 hour IP lease time.

It’s the clients(tablo) responsibility to obtain and renew the IP lease and this occurs around 1/3 or 1/2 of the remaining lease time. If the client fails to or can’t renew the IP lease time wouldn’t shortening the lease time make the problem worse.