Tablo 4gen not recognized on same network as roku

Roku TV
New 4 gen tablo
Tablo recognized on network
Tablo functions normally via smartphone app.
Roku thinks 4gen is not on same network TV on wifi and tablo connected via Ethernet on same router.

Just to make sure, are you using the dark colored 4th gen Tablo app?

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Yes, unfortunately there was no mention by tablo of new app. What the shit kind of communication is that. I would have put a big damn sticker on the box, if nothing else!

Seems pretty clear to me.*1ki3bqb*_ga*MTQwMTE0NzE0Ny4xNzA2OTk3MDYz*_ga_FJZJTK8CDQ*MTcwNjk5NzA2My4xLjEuMTcwNjk5NzExMS4xMi4wLjA.*_gcl_au*Mzc2ODY5ODUzLjE3MDY5OTcwNjM.

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Sometimes you have to exit the app on the Roku (or even reboot the Roku) to get the app to see the Tablo. It is very rare for me, but I did have it happen last weekend. It eventually connected.

That’s all the phone home BS tablo has inserted into their apps.

Was this included with the 4gen? NO.!
So we have to go through creating, then deleting, and recreating again?, when the company was well aware of this?
Again I say sloppy mismanaged rollout of product.

I am not sure what you are complaining about now. The 4th gen Roku app is pretty clear (compared to the legacy Roku app) and has been around since launch.

You don’t have to create anything. You have to install the app, and one of the potential troubleshooting steps is removing the app and reinstalling it. Rebooting the router and rebooting the Roku are other steps to try first.

And… Whatever happened to backward compatibility?
New app excludes legacy tablo?
Good move.
Doubt that would have happened before they were bought by Scripps.

The new apps will eventually work on the legacy Tablos. But there are plenty of issues to work out before then.

I am just trying to help. If you don’t want help, then say so.

Before I bought my gen 4 I read all the gen 4 information on the tablotv WEB site. It’s not everyones fault if you didn’t read it and/or didn’t understand or comprehend what it said.

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This is my 4th tablo.
They’ve always been easy and straight forward to set up.
Who would have thought that Scripps would accelerate their product release process to the point that it alienates it’s legacy users. Care for a Bud Light?

That great I own 5. Two OG gen 1, a gen 2, gen 3, and now a gen 4. I also own a SD 4K 4-tuner hooked into a shield running plex…

That didn’t prevent me from reading the gen 4 information. I must be less special.

Well, I’ll tell you Sheldon, some people buy a product on a companies reputation. Until they get betrayed.

You might consider not taking out your frustration with the service and/or product on the people that were simply trying to help you. They were simply trying to reply to your posts with facts, not just emotion.