Tablo 4 USB Upgrade

When will Tablo 4 DVR firmware be upgraded to utilize the great speed improvements of USB 3.0 or USB 3.1?

This question/request is in regard to the Hard Drive interface. I would like to think that this would significantly cut back on the delay time in changing channels.

The delay in tuning channels is because of the transcoding that takes place, not because of slow drive speed.


Is there an actual USB 3.x port on any tablo device? Isn’t USB 2.0 rated at 280 Mbits/s? Isn’t the highest tablo recording quality 10 Mbps and the maximum number of playback sessions 6. Or 60 Mbps plus IO initiation/termination overhead.

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The USB port is 2.0 (this is the hardware), you can NOT change that with firmware.

You mean all those USB ports labeled USB 2.0 really under the covers have the 3.0 Super Speed bus. And that they also all contain the USB 3.0 pinout connectors and the USB 3.0 power B connector?

Lol fck forgot the NOT

My assumption is that the next “new” hardware design will be centered around ATSC 3.0 compatibility - That may then come with perhaps USB 3.0, and … a few other goodies.

I’m never confident that Tablo will/should engineer something that will support a bigger power draw through the built-in USB ports. That’ll just make the Tablo run hotter. Really not too clear on what the best options are in this area.

Nuvyyo needs to prove that it can scrape it’s DVR technology away from the XCODE CPU to be viable. Then it can use whatever hardware is available - including any new XCODE CPU. And XCODE is now owned by Pixelworks.

I assume that’s the purpose of the Engine product on Android TV OS. And who knows how that is working out.

But since Nuvyyo is a VC funded company it could easily be eaten at any time by an M&A.

USB 2.0 is 480 MB/s not 280 …if 2 devices are connected the speed is 1/2 so it would be 240 MB/s
USB 3.0 is 6 GB/s

Are you talking about the theoretical maximum high bandwidth rate or the effective rate.

Doesn’t the actual USB 2.0 specification have a number of tables indicating the speed based on the size of the data payload?

Slight corrections.

USB 2.0 theoretical maximum thruput is 480Mbps.
USB 3.0 theoretical maximum thruput is 5Gbps.
That’s bits (small b), not bytes (big B).