Tablo (4 tuner) freezing and unresponsive in middle of show

My 4 tuner Tablo while watching a show will all of a sudden say “Reconnectinng to Tablo”. Then when I try to reconnect it can’t find the Tablo and it goes to the “Search agin” screen with a bunch of Tablo ad copy. I search but it never finds it. I have to pull the power plug on the back of the Tablo to get it to reconnect.

I’m using the Roku Premiere+ with both the Tablo and Tablo Beta app.

What’s the deal? Any suggestions? Is this a known bug?

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Can you try tapping the blue reset button next time this happens? This should cause the Tablo to reboot (the blue LED should flash).

Is this while watching live TV, recordings, or both?

Primarily while watching recordings. How does restarting the Tablo fix the problem in the future? Is this just easier than pulling the power plug?

You’re right - it doesn’t fix the problem, it jsut resolves it so you can carry on watching. In some instances the blue button works, in others it doesn’t. I too now find it’s easier to just pull the power plug, count to 10 (I have to do that anyway) and then plug it back in.

I got a wifi enabled power outlet thingy so I could reboot it from my couch. This was happening to me a lot for a while. With the latest beta firmware it seems to have stopped.

Ha ha… I’m going to get me some of those…

There is a new beta firmware?

I am one month into Tablo ownership, and have had full stability until last Sunday. I experienced this same unrecoverable “lock up” problem for the fist time (I too have a Roku Premier+, everything on my system is hard-wired). I was watching the NFC divisional game (yes, the infamous Vikings/Saints game). I started watching the game from the beginning while it was still recording. It locked up on me three times during the game. I did notice it appeared to coincide with the space heater in my home theater clicking on (or off). I am going to build a simple line conditioner (12v with choke and cap) to see if line noise is the culprit. I will do the same for my 1GBit switch to see if line noise is causing network errors the Tablo is not handling correctly. I look forward to hearing if anyone finds a soft solution to this problem. I will let you know the results of my test. Note: I did not have to reboot my network switch or Roku. Only the Tablo, to get it to recover.

When you rebooted the Tablo, did it respond to the reset button on the back of the unit? Or did you remove power?

This is happening to mine lately, too. Usually while watching live tv. I have a 4 tuner Tablo, using a Roku to watch. I’ve had to remove the power cord and that seems to fix it. Blue button didn’t seem to reboot it. It happens about once every two or so days. Sometimes while I’m watching, sometimes overnight.

My Tablo has been VERY stable for the month I’ve owned it, and I have been very pleased with this system…especially with everything hardwired into a 1GBit switch. I had only the three hard lock-ups during that one NFL divisional game, and I pulled the power cord to recover…I was afraid to push the button as I thought that would put me back to factory settings. This past weekend I watched the AFC and NFC championship games without issue…on top of recording many shows every single day. On another note, my Tablo is currently running firmware version 2.2.17, but every time I connect to the Tablo I get a message that firmware 2.2.17 is ready to install (PRIVATE Beta #7 (RC)). I didn’t realize I was already on the beta list. I do run Roku Premier Plus clients, which this Beta targets. Is there any risk to accepting this firmware update? Will I lose any of my recordings? Is there a way to backup my stuff before applying the update? BTW: I have not built my 12VDC line conditioner yet, but that is on my list for this week.

This beta series is nearly over.
I would wait for the official release.
If it ain’t broke… :slight_smile:

The official release will be available soon - if you prefer, I can remove you from the beta list to disable to update prompts.

Yes, please remove me from the beta so my kids don’t accidentally apply the patch!


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