Tablo 4 Tuner and record only 3 programs


I buy a 4 tuner Tablo and when I select 4 program at the same time, I see no conflict.

But when I go back to the recordings, I always got one of them telling not recorded because no tuner available.

But I am not using live tv when it’s recording. It set to the max quality. It is because this?

It’s a defective unit? I buy it online on Best Buy web site and received it today. It’s suspicious because no seal on the box. I am not sure I received a returned product.

Thanks for your help

So to be clear, when the Tablo is NOT recording anything, you can select 4 different channels from the Live TV guide and watch each of them? As in the Tablo maintains a live stream buffer for each channel (as in you can RW back).

It is possible one of your tuners doesn’t work, but you’d have to contact Tablo Support directly with a Support Ticket to have them check the tuner.

If you are using the 1080(720/60) quality setting then the Tablo will use 2 tuners when recording a 720 channel. Maybe this is why you are not able to use all your tuners. Try the 1080(8mb) setting and see if it makes any difference.

Thanks for your help, I will try at lower quality. If it’s not working, I will send it back


@beadan If you have any further issues don’t hesitate to send a ticket to our support team.