Tablo 4, picture freezes

I have the new Tablo 4. I’m using Roku and wi if setup. I’ve had the legacy Tablo which worked fine under my set up, however with the new Tablo the picture runs a few seconds, then freezes but the audio keeps playing. Very annoying and makes recordings pointless. I’m betting I’m not the only one having this problem.
Very buggy system. Needs a half a dozen updates. Already posted about he image on my main TV being squashed into the upper quadrant. On my older TV, it fills the screen. Unlike the legacy version, the new Tablo doesn’t have settings to adjust anything.
So far I’ve no reply to the support email I sent yesterday.

I have the exact same problems: For the freeze. I do not have a solution, but I think I know what is happening. My Tablo HDMI is connected to my LAN with an Ethernet cable and my spectrum service is 300MPS down and 20 MPS up. When I play back a recording on my Tablo, it works fine, but when I try to playback via a ROKU to another TV, I get the video freeze and Audio is OK. I think the problem is that HDMI recordings require a lot of network bandwidth to send to a ROKU device, and the streaming traffic is sent to my router and then on to the ROKU. However, the router also tries to send the stream out through my Spectrum Modem to the Internet. Since the upload speed is bandwidth limited, I think this is forcing he TABLO to steam too slowly. My guess is that I need a way to block the outbound stream from my TABLO from going out over to the internet without blocking all outbound traffic from my TABLO. I may try to call Spectrum to see if I can change a setting only my Cable Modem.

For the Picture being “squashed” into the upper left corner of the screen. This has something to do with the screen resolution of the TV channel. When I am watching an HD TV Channel, the Roku/TV displays on the full screen, but when I watch a station with less than HD, the image is “squashed”. I tried a new ROKU Express and the problem goes away, but I cannot resolve the issue with an earlier version of the ROKU Express.

@Tomm When you are playing back on your home network, your Roku and Tablo should be passing the streaming traffic across your network, not utilizing your internet connection.

The only thing besides guide and firmware updates that would be using your connection to the internet would be Tablo Connect (out-of-home streaming) and the HDMI Tablo models don’t support Tablo Connect.

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I agree with your comments, but how does my router know not to try to push the stream out to the internet? I looked at my router settings, but was not sure if anything needs to change. Could there be some setting in my cable modem?

It’s all based on the IP addresses. If devices are using your local IP address (typically or to talk to each other, then it’s just between devices. That speed will be based on the type of connection, but even basic 100Mbit should be fine and even an old router should have no issues handling those speeds.

Mine freezes occasionally and then goes back to the beginning of the show. Very annoying. I had to take my Roku TV off a wired connection (same as the wired connection to the Tablo) to get it to even recognize the Tablo. Hope there will be a software fix for this. Really hate to go back to the Tivo.

Because the device demanding the video isn’t outside your home network and across the internet somewhere … sorry but this idea is a non-starter.

If there are buffering issues, it’s because either the WiFi/network bandwidth you have isn’t enough (or you could have local interference from other WiFi networks, reducing your speed), or your device(s) don’t have enough power to keep up with the stream.

I have found that some tablo apps seem to need more bandwidth than others (FireTV/Roku/browser/tablet apps etc).

I have the new 4th gen, hooked to router by ethernet on an older Roku tv. If i try to watch a show in progress while its still recording, the picture will freeze a few minutes into it, but the sound keeps going. It doesnt happen happen on a new Google TV in the same house.

It’s not a buffering or an internet speed issue.

I’m saying that because what you’re describing happens to me almost every morning with nothing else in the house using up any bandwidth. I’m running 100mbps.

Not sure if it’s a brand/age issue either.
The TV it happens to me on is a Phillips/Roku that I bought about 3+ years ago that’s in my bedroom.
First smart TV I bought as a tester to see how this streaming stuff works.
So far it’s only happening in the early morning hours, around 4am-ish.

I haven’t tested this out on my 2023 TCL/Roku in the living room …yet.
I’ll come back and reply when I do.
Not sure why it happens.

Here’s another weird Tablo tale on that same TV…
I wake at 4am and put it on a 30 minute show.
I fall back asleep and wake up an hour later and that same 30 min show is STILL playing.
I still have this TV hooked directly to the outside antenna so I pop over to that and it’s on schedule, I go back to the Tablo app and it’s still showing the other show.
I hit fast forward all the way to the end and now it’s back to the regular schedule …???

I am have a Tablo 4th gen with an external drive and FireTV stick and I have issues with the picture freezing. Also once it happens it is hard to get the Tablo to respond to the remote and once it does the Tablo goes into reboot mode. I can go back to the show that froze and it will pick up where it froze and continues with no issues. This is a recurring issue and not just a ROKU problem. Seems to have started when I updated the latest firmware twice as instructed by Tablo support.