Tablo 4: Missing a Sub Channel and a Main Channel

As above, for CW in my area there is 18.1, 18.2, and 18.3. I receive .1 and .3, but not .2.

For Fox there is 35.1, 35.2 and 35.3. I receive 35.2 and 35.3 but do not receive the main Fox channel 35.1

I got all of these on my Recast with its notoriously bad tuner, and my Sony X90J gets them fine as well. Why is the Table skipping these? Any ideas?

Where are you roughly located and what are the call letters of those stations?

I am in Port Orange FL. Fox 35 is WOFL Orlando, The CW 18 is WKCF Orlando.

When was the last time you used your mobile device to rescan the channels.

We had similar problem on original Tablo during beta. Al ubchannels howed .1 [rogramming. Problem is Canada does not have yat many subchannels.

How does beta testing work on fourth gen?

exactly. the display channel stays the same bt broadcast channl gets changed/

other devices might update broadcast cannel automatically while Tablo requires rescan

Some devices auto-tune all channels within a RF when any channel or sub-channel is selected. I have a very nice SONY that does that. thus when the station engineer is playing around the TV rescans that RF for their changes.

The problem for a DVR is that if a channel disappears even for a short time all scheduled recordings would need to be deleted.

Some channels are moving due to ATSC 3 starting. Over night a couple months back I lost a bunch of channels and didn’t know why. I went days without them :rofl: then someone said to rescan and they came back but were on different channels. Now I rescan every month for the heck of it.

I have had a Fire Recast for years, and have a Sony X90 with ATSC 3.0 tuner and two LG’s all running on antenna. All the Orlando area network stations have been ATSC 3.0 for over a year, and I use them on the Sony. The local networks all announce re scans when available, and I keep up with that. I can watch the missing sub-channel and the main Fox channel on all three antenna connected TV’s as well as via the Fire Recast, which I am hoping to replace with the Tablo.

The point of my post is that ONLY the Tablo does not see the channels I noted. I have an excellent exterior antenna, have had it for nearly five years, and get close to 90 channels clearly and without problems. The problem is with the Tablo tuners, not a failure to re-scan or some kind of channel shifting that I have never seen on my antenna connected devices in this area.

I just setup this Tablo. I have re-scanned it numerous times. When I see missing channels it’s the first thing I do. I re-scanned under both ethernet and wi-fi, I re-scanned with and without signal boost.

Again, i have three antenna connected TV’s and the local stations always notify when a re-scan is needed. If scanning was the issue I wouldn’t be seeing these channels on my TV’s. all three of which see the missing channels and show the content, as well as the Fire TV Recast that I want to replace.

If I can see Fox35 on both ATSC 1 & 3 on my Sony, and on ATSC 1 on my LG’s and Recast, I can guarantee you that Channel 35.1 is the main Fox channel for the Orlando area, and the Tablo does not see it, but sees it’s two sub-channels instead. The problem is with the Tablo4, not a change of statiions when all my other device scans show these channels.

Agreed. In Orlando you should be able to get Fox 35.1, along with all of the other major networks, by pointing an antenna toward the towers northeast of the city.

Which is why I do receive the Tablo4 missing channels on all my TV’s and the Recast via an antenna on my roof pointed towards the Orlando towers. I have a case entered with Tablo Support so I’ll see what they say.