Tablo 4 Gen Channel Lineup Error

Where I live, CBS is Channel 2.1. However Tablo 4 Gen says it is MeTV and shows MeTV programming info. When I select 2.1 I get CBS as I should, not MeTV. All the other Channel 2 sub-channels are also wrong. I think the other channels in the Channel Lineup are okay. It does not matter whether I access Tablo from my iOS devices, or my TV’s Roku Streaming Stick 4K’s. The problem is persistent despite my doing repeated channel scans, saves and updates.

First, try nearby zip codes to see if one of those has the right channel mapping.

In any case, submit a support ticket to Tablo Support with the problem, so they can get the channel guide fixed. Include the channel info and your zip code.

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I bet you live in the Chicago area. What you are describing is on 48. CBS is on 48.3 and is provided for people who aren’t able to receive it on Ch 12.

Just so you know…you will need to re-scan next week as Ch 2 is moving.

I just got my Tablo 4 today. I live in NJ and get the exact same symptoms edhnj937 describes. My channel 2.1 shows MeTV programming guide but when you choose it, it is CBS. Below is the picture of the networks using same channel in my area.


Looks like you are watching WCBS 2.1 (RF 36) New York NY, but getting the guide for WDPN 2.1 (RF 2) Wilmington DE. Try using a New York zip code.

I’m in Randolph NJ and had the same problem and simply changed my zip to Dover NJ and the guide and channel scan are now good. Their zip database has issues which is easy to get around if you experiment with different zips. I also had the same problem with the Amazon Recast and my old CM PALDVR.

Zip code change resolved the issue. Thanks to Ron1 and Lenlabnj.

Maybe we should be hired by Tablo Support since we seem to be doing a nice job for their customers!

The forum is probably loaded with over a hundred posts about switching zipcodes. It’s just a function of searching the forum.

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Update to my original post.

While changing my zip code (07090) - as suggested by several posters may (or may not) resolve the issue of incorrectly labelled channels, it is not a fix, but merely a work around. Tablo needs to get to the root of the problem and fix it.

I’ve checked half a dozen different TV Broadcast Tower Locator websites for my location (Westfield, NJ 07090), they all produce the same results: 2.1 is CBS, not MeTV. Which begs the question why can’t Tablo do the same?

Have you opened a support ticket with Tablo? The only way Tablo knows there is a problem is if the customer reports it directly to the company via a support ticket. Be sure to include your current zipcode and any additional details that can help them to correct the guide suppliers database.

Ye, I have opened up support t.icket twice. On the first ticket they wanted me to do a rescan and update - it had no affect. I communicated that to them, and restated the problem. Never heard back. Earlier this week I opened up another support tick. Have yet to get a response.

Keep in mind too, the guide data isn’t directly maintained by Tablo, but Gracenote, so all Tablo can do is forward the information Gracenote, Gracenote is the one who actually needs to correct their guide data. (using gracenote data?) shows both WCBS and WDPN for zip code 07090. Tablo is choosing the wrong one.

You might try telling zap2it that WDPN does not reach to 07090. Show them this rabbitears signal strength list, RabbitEars.Info

Change zip code
Sololar problem on Austin but channel 25
Changing zip code fixed it
78744 and 78759 both work but not 78758

Thanks to all who have replied to this thread.

The work around suggestion of changing the Zip Code worked. It took a few tries, but the Roselle NJ zip, 07203 worked. for me. (Roselle is about 5 miles Northeast of me and about 15 miles Southwest of NYC.)

I am going to try follow up with “Gracenote”, the channel guide data provider that Tablo uses.

If you want the guide corrected for your zip code, don’t try to contact Gracenote directly, open a ticket with Tablo and they will contact Gracenote.

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And Gracenote will ignore

Yes, after checking the Gracenote website, I agree.

I have been in ongoing conversation with Tablo tech support for the past few weeks. Yesterday I got another email from tech support asking me to do a rescan, save and update. So I changed the Location info back to reflect my town and zip and then did the rescan procedure. It worked! At least for me. Tech support did not tell me how the problem was fixed. So I can’t say whether this problem was solved for others with similar issues.

In area code 87124, part of the Albuquerque metro, the channel guide for Charge tv, channel 41.4 is off by several hours.

The feed is not delayed due to time zone. It seems the eastern time zone is played live without delay. So whatever is on at 6pm east coast, is what is playing at 4pm mountain time, the exact same moment , but 2 hours on the clock different due to being in different time zone. Hope you can fix this as recording that channel is a goat rope. (also, i looked at charge tvs website, and what they list as a schedule for MST, is not what is happening in 87124. If it is 4:15 mountain time, i look at what they list as on for 6:15 eastern, and it matches what is on the antenna.