Tablo 4.0 doesn’t work!

My apologies @TabloTV @TabloEngineering I had previously stated I was using the FireTV Cube 1st gen when actually I have the FireTV 2nd gen just as @Seeker336 has.

I’ve spent more time trying to resolve the numerous issues with this device than I have spent in the past 20+ years using Tivo. I’m ready to give up too

That’s funny. Have you actually tried to call them? Lucky you if you were able to reach anyone. (And they have the absolute worse on hold music I have ever heard. Sounds like torture music.

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@Seeker336 the latest update, which I received a few days ago, seems to have resolved my issues on my FireTV cube. Wondering if you have seen an improvement?

@mkilo67 Are you referring to an update for the FireTV Cube? Or are you referring to the recent firmware update for the Tablo 4th Gen that came out this past week?

To answer your question, though, I must admit that I had good recordings and playback on Wed, Thur, and Fri this past week. Unfortunately, I can’t zero in on the one unique fix or even if there has been one. I applied the Tablo update as soon as I saw it posted in this forum. I also had what seemed like an updating episode on the FireTV Cube on Friday evening where it quit responding to the remote for a while and I had to wait it out. One other variation in the mix is that I have made a habit of doing a Rescan each evening after watching that day’s recording. My theory is that this seems to refresh teh signal strength or “purity” of the station to be recorded the next morning. For the coming week, I plan to do a Rescan on Sunday evening, then leave it alone for the entire week and see if the segmented recording or Failure to Decode errors appear later in the week. Cheers.

@Seeker336 The Tablo update, the one for Wifi issues on setup. Once I got that update earlier this week things seemed good. For whatever reason, whatever was in that package seems to have resolved my issues, so perhaps it was a wifi issue with the FireTV cube.

@mkilo67 Good to know. Will watch for performance over the coming week. Good luck to you. Hope all your recordings continue to play back in good form. Cheers.

@mkilo67 OK, the week-long test session is complete. We recorded our daily show at 10-11 am every day, Monday-Friday, on a moderately-powered channel that uses channel 32 (no know frequency shares in the area). We played back the recorded show daily in the evening.

Every day the recording was complete, not segmented. Playback each evening was rock solid with one slight, brief period of pixelation on one evening. Each playback included thumbnails on the ffwd/rev scroll bar, so we were able to skip through commercials quickly and accurately.

My plan is to continue with current settings and configurations for another week before even performing a channel rescan. Prior to the Tablo firmware update, the 4th Gen device seemed to lose frequency focus without a daily rescan. Hopefully, that is no longer the case and all will proceed as expected.

So, a few growing pains, but seems to be settling in to a good system.


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Thank you for the info. Things are definitely better on my end after the last update, but not completely resolved. I am still occasionally getting the “Failed to decode” message and typically if I keep pressing “Retry” it will connect and play, but if not, I have found that going into the Application Manager in my FireTV Cube, Force Stopping and then Clearing Cache typically will help. If that doesn’t, I have found restarting my FireTV cube (Select + Play buttons) does it. I also noticed a few other things. Size of the Cache accumulates quickly, 60-120mb, much larger than any of my other apps. Additionally, I notice sometimes when I start the Tablo app I get the Tablo splash screen and other times I do not, just takes my right into the app. So, better, but not quite there. Hoping @TabloTV @TabloEngineering is still looking into this. ty.

Is it still made in Canada or China since EW Scripts owns them now?

The label still says made in china.

But the secret word is 2aor07-tablo020

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Have you guys noticed a pattern in how/why/when the Tablo segments its FAST recordings? I have seen that some channels seem to have more issues than others, but the days and times seem quite sporadic. The ones that confuse me are when it splits them in the wee hours of the morning. It’s 2am… NOTHING else is using the bandwidth!

I’ve got one 4th gen dual tuner that works 95% of the time using a flash disk, and the second that hates flash and will still segment about a quarter of my recordings using internal storage.

It’s hard to come to any real solution when the whole thing just seems so random!

Isn’t 2 am when the guide gets downloaded to the Tablo? That could explain the issue, since the internet is being used at that time.

I apologize for not being clearer. I did not mean that 2am was the literal time these errors happen. I meant only to imply that the most splits occur from 1a-6a, and not when I’m streaming other content or downloading large files throughout the day. I do take this into consideration when tracking my failed recordings. (Again, seemingly only on the one device.) Thank you for the reminder, I will try to figure out if there’s a precise time in which the files start to split!

No one has actually explained how the gen 4 guide update works. Or if there is a difference between OTA and FAST channel guides. Or what the relationship is between the guide on the tablo unit and the guide on a device like roku or fire tv stick.

But I seem to be able to have tumbnails on my roku and no detailed information below the thumbnail. And clicking on the thumbnail seems to send the roku into a loop trying to retrieve something that doesn’t exist.

Very, very, VERY weird.

I disabled the “Viewing Data” yesterday and EVERY SINGLE THING I recorded overnight has fully recorded. This could just be a coincidence, but this is the first time 100% of my recordings have gone through.

I don’t usually enable this type of service, but I’d kept the Viewing Data enabled so that it might be able to help Tablo Support with the several issues I’d been having.

As per everything else I try on these perplexing devices, I will continue testing this and other theories and keep posting what I discover.
(2x 4th gen – Android, FireTV/stick, Roku)

Still having this issue and no reply at all from Tablo support on the ticket I opened with them regarding this issue. Very disappointed in their support.

I have 4 second generation Fire TV Cubes. All are exhibiting the “Failed to Decode Video” issue. A few “Retry” attempts usually gets me over the issue. Sometimes I have to force-stop the app. Very annoying.

I was having the same issue on my 2nd gen. I switched to a 3rd gen Cube and haven’t had the issue since. Issue seems to be specific to the 2nd gen.

… while OTA? FAST? Live? DVR?

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