Tablo 2 Tuner - Less than a year old - For Sale

Tablo is great, I love it, but I just finally made the decision to get something that natively works in plex. So, my less than 1 year old 2 tuner is up for sale. $70.00 + shipping

Is this the OG Tablo 2 tuner? Or the Tablo DUAL?

OG Tablo 2. When I got it, the Dual hadn’t been out very long if it was out, and I try not to get anything until it’s been out for a while.

So what is the Native Solution that works in plex that performs the same tablo features out of curiosity?

I would like to go with Plex/HDHomeRun so that it’s easier for my kid to be able to set shows to record, watch recorded tv, recorded movies not from OTA, and watch live TV from 1 app. I love using plex and the tablo channel myself, but it confuses a 5 year old to have to switch apps to do different things.

Plex DVR shows great promise. But it will let you down, and I hope you’re ok with that. It still has some maturing to do. I use both.

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@cjcox speaks the truth!

I use Plex for playback but after trying several other types of tuners with Plex (including very recently) I just keep coming back to Tablo because of the convenience of the vast majority of the processing (i.e. specifically transcoding) happening on a dedicated box that doesn’t require a separate PC/server.

Having said that, to make the playback experience even better I do have several overnight processes that pull things off the Tablo and remove commericals but those are things that I could live without if the machine doing it right now were to encounter issues.

I wanted the same end result though, a single UI for everything, which is Plex. Sure, I can’t do live TV with it but I do that so rarely that if I do I just open up the Tablo app and do it there.

Tablo is the superior product and once you have made the investment in the product and integrated it into plex server what’s the upside to removing the tablo product versus adding another product to the mix.

Today most 5 year olds can use and manipulate multiple apps on a smart phone better then a 40 year old.

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Nilex…I can access the TV tuner on my Plex server to view live channels on my cell phone. Maybe you have overlooked a setting?

Yeah, sorry, I meant I don’t even have the tuner I used most recently to test Plex (the 2 tuner Hauppauge) hooked up in my current configuration. Tablo does everything I need.

Is this still available?

Here’s something much better, that is available right now. Two-tuner Tablo for just $89, much better than “used”. It’s a like-new, Refurbished Tablo, that’s been lovingly and faithfully restored to factory spec. And, it carries the full 12-month warranty of a brand-new Tablo. And, it comes with the same 30-day Trial of the EPG subscription that a new one does.

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10-4, 'was gonna post that link myself.

FYI - 'bought one recently (July) shipping was $13.50 USD to California. Very good deal Total about $104USD considering warranty and month of guide data.

(if the hardware works for you, buy lifetime subscription)

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