Tablet too hot and

Hi all,

My Tablo is very hot to the touch - is that normal? I carried it for the travel trailer back to the house and I a pretty sure I have the right power supply but just to make sure, can someone tell me the brand name and info on you Tablo power supply? And one last thing - it doesn’t appear that removing the check mark beside “don’t copy repeats” or what the correct wordage is works in setup as it is not recording duplicate recordings - I wanted to do this since I still don’t have an antenna(s) working that will pull in all my local stations without pixalating or just flat out not find it the station. I thought I had something working in the house but then I moved everything to the T.T. and never got a good signal for local stations which are 26 miles or less and I have tried a lot of antennas in our fiberglass T.T.- I can get 4 out of 7 but not all 7 of the main channels and they are generally in the same direction between 54 to 72 degrees fro true north - two are Hi-VHF and 3 are at 64 degrees (based on my address and zip of 29170). Can anyone help? Thanks, Jan



I have a usb powered laptop fan that I set my Tablo on
You can use the extra USB Tablo Connector to power the fan.

Most just set the Tablo on it’s side to increase air circulation.

You didn’t say what antenna you have.

If the stations are in the same direction, the Winegard FL550A is a good choice since it received both VHF and UHF Channels


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Having to use an external fan. Is this not something that should have been considered before putting the product into production?


I use no fan, sits on a high shelf with nothing sitting on top or under it. I have never touched it to see how hot it is, but @TabloTV has stated many, many times that it runs hot and is designed that way.

This is my experience, milage may very.


I would suggest trying a directional “yagi” type antenna. I have my Tablo elevated about one quarter inch above flat surface to allow for air flow. I assume the Tablo uses a heat sink in lieu of a fan to prevent overheating.

Hi Jerry,

What did you put under your Hablo given it is so hot, I don’t eat a fire - I am concern about how got it is - thank you, Jan


Just a couple of 3/8" strips of wood under both ends of the Tablo. This creates airflow and should also protect furniture from getting too hot. The thickness isn’t critical and you can paint the strips black to match the unit if you like.

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H jerry,

Thanks - I’ll give it a try - Jan

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My Tablo temp is rising to the roof without fan. It reads 143F. I use a USB fan to help keeping heat in control.

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