Tablet on kitkat wont full screen. Fast Forward never works. buffering wont go away on its own (ever

I have four issues with the Tablo app on a device running kitkat. One of them your support people supposedly know about (once installed for one user, it fails to launch if installed on any other users on the device).

Other (newer) issues:

I cannot watch TV on the tablet without seeing the top statusbar (date/time/battery) awlays displayed. Nothing happens when I touch the FULLSCREEN indicator.

Fast Forward 30 seconds always returns me to the very beginning of a recording.

If for any reason watching (live or a recording) the BUFFERING message shows up, it will not go away UNLESS you touch the screen. I think the idea of interactive TV is cool, but this just isn’t the way to conceive it.

I also noticed when I watch a recording the status/slider never moves. Whenever I pause a recording it begins at the very beginning when it is resumed (not from where it was paused). You pretty much have to start sliding it around ( the time/counter never changes either so you have NO clue how far into the program you are in order to resume, it’ a bug fat guessing game ).

Hi @grazman - that’s some flaky behavior. Can you try a fresh install of the app and see if you can duplicate these issues? We haven’t been able to consistently duplicate them here at the office.

You’re right about the multi-user support issue - that’s something to look for in the future.We’re working hard on bringing stability improvements to the Android app - if you continue to see these issues feel free to send me a ticket

I cleared the cache after stopping the app then removed/uninsulated it. After reinstalling it has the same behavior.