Table will not stay running or available!

I am having a on-going issue where I am not able to connect to my 4 tuner tablo. My drive is almost full, but even with that, it should still be available. To get it working, I have to unplug and reboot it.

I usually notice the issue when I am not able to connect from the outside. Then I check inside and am not able to connect to it at all.

Is there something that I can do to resolve this.

Mine has recently started doing this too. About once every 2 days I have to unplug it.

Hey guys, this isn’t expected behaviour. Please send us a ticket and we’ll get things up and running.

Thanks. I will wait and receive the update to see if that helps. One thing about my setup is that I have my tablo in my garage. It can get kind of hot in there so I wasnt sure if that might be a problem. I have had it for a number of months now and only recently have ran into this problem.


Got the update on Friday. So far I have not had an issue with it requiring a reboot.