Table use internet?

I’M just trying to limit my internet cosummation. I want to know if overnight the tablo use somme internet data or any. In fact I think it should use any and anything drive by the ipgone or ipad but i’m not sure

Thx for your help 
@xelaxam - Tablo only uses the external internet for two things... 

1 - Once per evening, Tablo downloads guide data so you always have 14 days. (With a subscription) This is a very small amount of data.

2 - If you use Tablo Connect to stream content from your Tablo while you're away from your home, it will also use the external internet. (Streaming within your home uses your home WiFi.) Because you're streaming video over the internet, this will require a larger amount of bandwidth. 

Long story short, if you're just streaming Tablo content while you're at home, Tablo actually uses very little external internet data.