Table to measure antenna signal strength?


I’ve been a tablo user for a few years now. I moved from Falconwood Dr, Burtonsville MD to Hunting Ln, Columbia MD and have been having problems with getting a good signal. I tried different antennas and nothing really has worked. I get good signal sometimes, but most of the times it doesn’t work. I know there are signal meters out there, but I thought it’ll be nice if Tablo offered a way of doing that besides the time consuming scanning. It already has the tuners, but it will be a very helpful feature like some TVs that show signal strength continuously and per channel



Most TVs have a digital atsc tuner and often realtime signal strength metering of some form or another. Connect antennae to TV and run the scans on the TV.

Once you have a good antennae placement and bank of channels scanned reconnect to Tablo and do the scan. Compare the results to TV channels scanned.