Table Quad HDMI & Remote. Weak Signal &Storage is Full

This Tablo has been installed for 2 weeks. I also (ON the same cable) have Fire ReCast.
Both OTA devices are on a network, HDMI is not used.
Only the Tablo will display the Weak Signal & Storage is Full error message.
I have a 5GB Seagate One Touch HDD
SN: HQ-A04211007, Firmware: 2.2.40 (2207416).
The channel displaying the error is 10.3 in the Phoenix Market Area.

I am in Tempe and I get 117 strong channels but only use 35 on Tablo. You must have a problem with your antenna set up. I have great reception on 10.3

You mentioned HDMI is not used, but that you are using a Tablo Quad HDMI. How are you connecting and which app are you using?

The two tv`s are connected via ethernet. The HDMI port is not used because i want to use my fire stick remotes.Do not want yet another remote.

I also have over 100 channels but i have filtered out the channels i have no interest in viewing.
I use the tablo app for fire stick/cube. The app is available from fire stick search looking for tablo.

This problem is very intermittent. My current config is to split the coax with connection to amazon ReCast and tablo and my smart tv.
Smart tv. No problem
Amazon 4 tuner recast will occasionally report weak signal.
Tablo is also reports weak signal AND Storage is full.
Channel 8.1 PBS also has reported this error.

It seems like you have a pretty non conventional setup and one that may not officially be supported by the device. Not saying it can’t work, but there may not be very many of us that have a set up like this to help with troubleshooting. Have you tried connecting it directly via HDMI and not using any apps to see if the same error message is present as a test?

You must mean 5TB One Touch HDD. How are splitting one antenna four ways, this could be a problem? Suggest you call Tablo support for some help with this.

If you need help with Tablo or have a question about how to do something, there are a variety of resources available at

If you’re not able to find a resolution for your issue there, our support team is available from 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.

You can reach them a few ways:

Our support team is here to help you love your Tablo so don’t hesitate to let us know how we can help you.

The way you’re using the Tablo seems to say the network version (ie no HDMI) would be a better model for you. But that won’t resolve your issues.

So it seems to me there is an issue with your HDD. It could be a bad USB cable. Have you tried a different one? Did you try the drive on a PC before using it on the Tablo?
As for the weak signal, there are many possibilities. If the Recast has intermittent signal issues you’re likely on the edge of stable reception regardless. You may just need to focus on how to improve your reception overall. Just because it works for other devices doesn’t mean it will work with new ones.

The problem is probably something on your setup, Connect the Tablo like it was intended, HDMI, remove all the other splitters and devices like the Recast which Amazon no longer supports or sells, and direct connect antenna, HDMI and ethernet to only the Tablo and see what happens when it is the only device.