Table Connect now survives WAN IP changes

I had the WAN IP change overnight where my Tablo is located and without physically going back home to re-pair my devices, my remote Fire TV, iPad Air and iPhone 6 all were able to connect remotely.

Tablo had indicated in their release notes they had updated the Tablo Connect feature to survive WAN IP changes, I am just confirming this as an update for all the billion other threads complaining about this issue. There was no loss of pairing as many have put it.

Thanks again for all the improvements! @TabloSupport @TabloTV


Yay, glad you’re happy. A billion threads huh? ROTFLMAO…

Although without a pw remote login there’s always gonna be something (IOS update), device restore, FW update, etc. that will continue to irate and annoy family members who just wanna watch their TV shows…

But yes, progress is always a good thing…

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Good that it worked for you.

On another side of the coin, I was in Toronto last week with three devices with me, all three had been paired before leaving. Two of them worked fine, the third did not want to connect at all. All were on the same wifi network and our WAN IP had not changed (verified as when it does my wife needs to get the new IP added to her office setup in Tampa bay).

Great that we have improvements on the Tablo Connect side of things, but we still should have an option to remotely connect that does not need to pair ahead of time.

In another thread, I reported that my pairing survived a WiFi Router replacement. I named it the same as I had with the old one ( the SSID ). Also, I did the same DHCP Address Reservation. I did this over a weekend, and was so pleasantly surprised that my Amazon Fire HDX Tablet still was paired when I got to work that next Monday ! ( the tablet was left in my office over the weekend ).

Interesting - except I really wouldn’t expect it to survive a router replacement. Hopefully it becomes more stable for everyone.


2/3 devices eh, now that’s just weird. Were they all Android devices? iOS devices? Laptops? Or a mix?

Yeah, I was shocked. I fully expected to have to lug that big-o-heavy thing back home to pair it back up :smile:

I agree, that seems weird.

I’m wondering if there was a limit on the # of connected devices… Some hotels limit you to two devices/room.

Laptop running Windows 7, iPhone and iPad. The iPad and the laptop worked, the iPhone did not.