Table antenna signal too weak

We switched our internet service from cincinnati bell to spectrum. Now the live tablo tv channels do not work because it says the antenna signal is too weak. We live in the city near tv stations. Have followed all the troubleshooting idea on settings and nothing is working. Help!

There is nothing about your internet service that has any effect on antenna signal strength, so please rule that out as a cause.

I am not sure what you have tried. Rescanning the channels would be the first step, so you can see if the channels show up, show up all red, or show up green. If they are green after a rescan, you should be good.

If the channels are all red after a rescan, then you need to open a trouble ticket.

Not sure what switching ISP intails for you. Double check you antenna cable connections as well. But otherwise, ats noted, “the internet” and where/how you access it has no impact on broadcast reception.

As others have noted above, the switch to a new internet provider shouldn’t impact your OTA reception. If you run a channel scan from the Settings screen, is your Tablo able to pick up any channels? If not - it sounds like the issue is with your OTA reception/antenna setup, and we’d recommend investigating that.

Don’t hesitate to reach out directly to our support team for some help:

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