T mobile users take on the latest tablo newsletter ref. service

Just FYI, the latest newsletter profiles T Mobile Internet Service. I have had it for about 6 months now. Service is generally very good. I only had the option of DSL and it beats that by a mile. Well, I also could have gone with Cox cable, but they are such a ripoff.

Anyway, claims you cannot use your own router are false. I’m using a Google mesh network and connected it to the T Mobile modem via ethernet and it works fine. Besides better house coverage, my mesh network allows for an unlimited amount of devices. T Mobile supposedly restricts it’s wifi router to 20 devices, but I never tested that.

My latest speed test was 102 Mbps down and 51 Mbps up. Honestly, it doesn’t seem quite that fast in everyday use, but certainly fast enough for all tasks. At my previous residence I had fiber optic and that was really fast.

They are correct on the geolocation provided being wrong… mine thinks I’m in Los Angeles (I’m in Arizona). It’s a pain, but relatively minor.

What about remote streaming? Does Tablo Connect work?

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fake news

Thant’s not specifically what the article states! Tablo Cord Cutting This Week Archives | Over The Air (OTA) DVR | Tablo

T-Mobile’s combo router/wireless gateway also doesn’t allow you to use a separate router or mesh network via bridge mode

It doesn’t claim you can’t use it period! …in full:

T-Mobile’s combo router/wireless gateway also doesn’t allow you to use a separate router or mesh network via bridge mode and doesn’t support port forwarding which can affect your use of services like Tablo Connect with Tablo OTA DVRs, online gaming, and home security.

You may consider editing your post title - “error in title”

@VegasSteve Glad you’re having a good experience with it!

As we’re based in Canada we obviously haven’t been able to test it out ourselves. What was in the newsletter is based off of data we were able to get on TMobile’s site and other sources.

The documentation seemed to indicate that bridge mode was not possible but glad you were able to get your mesh router connected.

I also have TMobile home internet. I have a marginal signal where I live, thus I also have marginal speed and reliably. My speeds range from 3 to 20 down, probably averaging 8 down. It’s the only option I have other than satellite.

I also hooked up a wireless router which greatly improved performance.

To do so I logged in to the admin console and turned OFF both of the wireless broadcast channels on the TMo router. Then I set my TP-Link router to Access Point mode and plugged it into the TMO router with an ethernet cable.

The improvement was huge !!

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Can’t say, I don’t use that feature.

Wow, touchy much? Many people don’t mess around with bridge mode and could have taken the newsletter the same way perhaps?

I edited the title. Happy now? I was only trying to pass on what I had and how it works for me so that others had information from a T Mobile user in case they were thinking about it.

Sorry if I mis-stated what I thought was in the newsletter. Only trying to pass on my experience, didn’t catch the whole bridge mode thing, nor do I use that.

Being able to put your ISP modem in bridge mode when using your own separate router is needed to get port forwarding to work and allow Tablo Connect to function. Many people like this feature, even if it’s just to do remote management of their Tablo. Based on your current setup, I don’t think it would work.

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No worries, Steve! Thanks for reading and passing along your experience.

Ok, I may be a bit hyper-sensitive, I work with so many “experts” on virtually everything… thanks mostly to facebook but not exclusively.

“I heard…”, “Someone told me…”, “I just feel…”, “They said…” are used to start so many sentences, when asked about sources or to substantiate their statements people get defensive. They like the story and it become their truth no matter what.

Ultimately it’s great you have a system which works for you and you can enjoy your tablo trouble free :slight_smile:

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