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Depending on my connection, I might drop to 480 when viewing remotely. I’m actually not viewing many shows remotely so I’m cool either way. I doubt you could get a consensus. What T-mobile should do is if I stream at 480, its part of binge. If you go higher than 480, its not Binge.

There is a setting in the Tmobile account where you can turn on/off Binge. Based on my conversation with Tmobile tech support, if the setting is on, Tmobile will re-encode all the video streaming on the fly to 480p; and once it’s off, the streaming will resume at the source resolution. It would be unacceptable to globally and blindly restricting all remote streaming at 480p under all circumstances. I’m thinking that even if a 480p source stream is indeed a requirement for Binge, Tablo should be able to provide an user setting to switch between 480p and 1080p in remote streaming.

@kamy2015 - Tablo allows you to specify the bandwidth for remote viewing in settings (750kbps, 1Mbps, etc) but not a resolution.
I read @beastman post to mean 480kbps, but it probably means 480p resolution…which would still be unacceptable to me as a blanket restriction to all users so those on t-mobile could use their free bandwidth program.
:smile: I have a 2,560 x 1,440 screen on my phone - 480p isn’t going to cut it!

Yes, Tmobile flyer was saying 480p in resolution, not bitrate.

I have the BingeOn on, which is required if I want to get the free Vudu movie per month starting in Jan. The majority of the sites I stream are not from the included list. I do stream Youtube, but google has greated at YT Music app, which continues playing when the screen is off. I use it to stream playlist of music, but the app doesn’t eve get the video.

I currently have it at 750 and is acceptable, but like most, I don’t think going lower will be ok, but some of the stations I watch are only 480 to begin with. When you scan the channels it shows what kind of station it is. I just looked at the list for Austin, TX and all the -2 and higher with the exception of 42-2 and 62-2 are only broadcast at 480i and both of these stations are Spanish, so I don’t include in my active lineup.

@beastman - All SD channels will be 480i…which is what most (but not all) sub-channels broadcast at. 480p is “DVD” standard…
Either way, I know I don’t want Tablo to limit my remote viewing to anything less than full bandwidth of what the Tablo can provide (today’s “Full Quality” setting), as there are times I’m viewing my recordings 3,000 miles away, but with full bandwidth on both ends.

I think you might be confused between bitrate and resolution. The 750 you mentioned is the bitrate, which is what we can control today under the Tablo settings. The 480p that Tmobile talks about is resolution, and Tablo app currently does not provide the user a setting to control that in remote streaming. In any circumstances, I don’t think Tablo should take away any of the bitrate or resolution settings that it currently provides.

Does Full Quality mean whatever the station broadcast in, or is that with the Automatic (coming soon) setting is? I remember someone saying that full quality makes larger files even for the 480 stations.

Disclaimer: I have beta versions for all my viewing devices and the Tablo itself.

It means that if you have your recording settings set for 10Mbps, for example, that your remote streaming also uses 10Mbps bandwidth (meaning you’ll need at least that as the upstream internet bandwidth at the Tablo location and at the downstream viewing location).

how fast is TMobile LTE? I know I don’t have 10 up, but could upgrade.

On average, apparently about 10Mbps…

But there is HUGE variability in the rate you’ll see in any given location on any given day.
WiFi is your friend! :smile:

It depends on the signal quality at the location, but I always get 20+mbps… The max I have seen on my phone was 70+mbps, but not very often :wink:

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WiFi on chartered bus to casino blocks all streaming. I ended up using LTE. Once at the casino, then WiFi in the motel. That’s why Tablo works at Starbucks and not Taco Cabana on WiFi.

Please no. That’s stone age technology. Might as well be watching VHS tape recordings.

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Found the requirements. Has @TabloTV seen this?https://www.t-mobile.com/content/dam/tmo/en-g/pdf/BingeOn-Video-Technical-Criteria-November-2015.pdf