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Has anyone at TabloTV (Nuvyyo) thought about contacting T-Mobile to have TabloTV added to T-Mobile’s “BingeOn” service? I don’t know if there are technical limitations to it working or not.

Basically, T-Mobile has a new feature called BingeOn that allows for unlimited 480p video streaming for any service that can meet T-Mobile’s technical requirements.

As a T-Mobile US consumer, and a TabloTV user…this would be a huge perk for my TabloTV device!

Link: http://www.t-mobile.com/offer/binge-on-streaming-video.html?cmpid=WMM_PR_Q415BNGONU_8YK70SL0NM13053

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Considering that Tablo traffic comes from each individual Tablo and not a group of servers, I would really doubt it will be possible.

When used they phone home to see what ip address to use so it would seem it would be as simple as @TabloTV adding T-mobile cell subscribe to the settings, and if it is checked, pass the ip to tmobile.
Cell number might also be required.
I have paid unlimited high speed minutes, so it really doesn’t make a difference. I also get 1 free movie rental per month from Vudu. All T-mobile customers can also do Sling TV for $14 per month for a year.

The question is… would you be OK with recording EVERYTHING at 480 just to have a deal on streaming outside the home?

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Can’t remote be at 480 and use full quality at home? I already lower remote quality.

@beastman - We can only record at a single quality option. The remote options are for bit rate, not picture quality.

Hopefully 480 bit rate will work with BingeOn. I’m not interested in recording everything at only 480 and don’t think others are either.

@beastman - Bit rate and picture quality are different animals. It seems like they’re requesting 480 for all recordings and like I said, that is a universal setting so all recordings intended for streaming via this service would have to be recorded at this quality.

My understanding was that Tmobile would re-encode everything to 480p in realtime, but I could be wrong. Also, Sling Box was listed as supported, so streaming TV content from home device may not be an issue.

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What’s really strange is they don’t have the TW app listed, but most of us here don’t have it.

If the low bit rate options are sufficient for T-Mobile then why not at least try? This is really only something that TabloTV can do with T-Mobile. It would instantly give you marketing to their 60+ million customers.

Since it works for Sling Box, it can work for Tablo. Granted, Sling Box most likely has more users than Tablo.

I thought the providers actually pay/subsidize the cost of the service (ex: spotify, pandora, Netflix, etc.)

What are you talking about? T-Mobiles “BingeOn” service has nothing to do with streaming service providers. Not all of the included streaming services have a cost for the service, it’s just that T-Mobile does not count it against your data bucket. Since SlingBox is included, it would be nice to see TabloTV included as well.

Ah it looks like that was only the case for the Music Freedom and they did away with it too:

“T-Mobile isn’t charging content providers to be included in Binge On or Music Freedom, but it is setting its own standards for inclusion. “Anyone who can meet our technical requirement, we’ll include,” Legere said. But T-Mobile hasn’t published its “technical requirement,” and of course reserves the right to define it, setting the bar wherever it wishes for entry into the program”

If we all try to encourage T-mobile, we might get it. But I have unlimited high speed data so it does’t make a difference. I get 1 free Vudu rental per month starting in January.

I’ve talked with Tmobile and with David at Tablo Support about this. A possibility would be to REQUIRE ALL REMOTE streaming to be 480. I have unlimited high speed data, so it really doesn’t make a difference to me. I told David I would post here, and perhaps we can vote to see if the MAJORITY wants to limit ALL REMOTE streaming to be limited to 480. Prior to voting, if we do, I suggest you change your setting individually to see if you would be happy with the result. I haven’t done so yet…I’ve only limited to 750 but will change to 450 after I return from the holidays to see what I think.

heh NO fecking way with 480… even remote. It’s not 1977.

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I think a big “Hell NO” is in order here…
I never remote stream at that low a bitrate.

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I’d have to issue with 480 for remote viewing.