T-Mobile home internet

I just got the T-Mobile 5G home internet a month ago connect three old asus router to be access point work really well where we live. The only problem is you cannot open port to forward them so remote view in tablo is a no go, there are some how to out there where you turn off the T-Mobile wifi and use your own router to open ports so far nothing works. If anybody find a way to do this for the T-Mobile NOK 5G21 GATEWAY and ASUS RT-AC87R for it to work appreciate the info.

So your internet is through a cellular network? If yes, port forwarding will likely never work due to the fact that many use carrier grade NAT which means the IP that is assigned to your router is a private IP address, not a public one.

Read thread below for more information.


Thanks thought that’s one of the reason.


T-Mobile’s combo router/wireless gateway also doesn’t allow you to use a separate router or mesh network via bridge mode and doesn’t support port forwarding which can affect your use of services like Tablo Connect with Tablo OTA DVRs, online gaming, and home security.

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