Syncing stuck continuously

Using FireStick 4k with Tablo app. Will not get through Syncing. Left on Sync overnight. Cleared data, cache even uninstalled a few times. Tablo Preview app works fine but prefer Tablo app. Other firestick and Tablo app working fine. Any suggestions?

I had the same problem with my Fire Stick. The Tablo Preview works fine, but the Tablo app was stuck syncing. After a couple of days frustration, I think I found the problem. When checking the Fire stick’s “manage applications” section, I discovered that I had less than 1GB free memory. I went through each app and deleted the cache. Some apps (like screensaver) had over 500MB memory in the cache. After clearing these apps, I had over 2GB free on the Firestick. Then I “force stopped” the Tablo app, and restarted. It then sync’d normally and started up in less than 10 min. Apparently Tablo doesn’t warn you when there’s not enough free memory to complete the syncing, and instead just freezes up.

I’ve had a similar issue. I found that if I uninstalled the Tablo app, restarted the FireTV, then reinstalled the Tablo app, it worked fine. I’ve had to do this probably 4 times in the last few months.