Syncing on Android TV


Coming from the Roku, I find the Tablo app on Android TV (Sony Bravia) a lot more sluggish, but the worst part is the syncing. Every time I run the Tablo app after a period of time (24 hours or less), I have to sit there for 1-2 minutes and wait for the status to go from “Syncing” to “Tablo”.

On the Roku, using the same all-wired setup, the whole process was almost instantaneous.

Is this really normal or required?


Which Android TV device? We have a Shield TV on our main TV and the performance is great.

Tablo uses a different communication method with Roku than with Android, so yes syncing is ‘normal’.

Sync time depends on the number of channels you have, how long it’s been since you last connected via that app, the speed of your local network, and the power of the device you’re using. 1-2 minutes is pretty average, especially on a Smart TV.

It most likely is do to the limited processing speed of your smart TV. I previously was using (2) Fire TV Boxes & (2) Fire Sticks. The sticks where incredibly sluggish compared to the boxes (and not just for Tablo) so I now have (4) boxes.

Thanks for the reply. Perhaps something to look into for future updates? I know you’re big proponents of dedicated boxes, but I think more and more of us will move away from that.

I hope you’re not satisfied with such a delay and will make things better like you did with the Roku.

I don’t know; this is the latest Bravia 4K released this year and should have plenty of processing power, yet my old Roku 3 puts it to shame when it comes to Tablo. I doubt much will be done if more of us don’t tell Tablo we’re not content with the way things are on smart TVs (at least on AndroidTV in my case).