Syncing on Android phone

I was going to watch live TV, but am unable to do so while the phone is syncing.  @TabloSupport I suggest limiting syncing to ONLY OVER WiFi or better yet, have there be a sync button and ONLY sync WHEN we press it.  I do NOT care about being synced to current if all I want to do is watch what is already available to watch or watch live.  I GAVE UP trying to sync using LTE after TEN MINUTES and I HAVE changed the Sprint proxies to like someone said on another thread.  Once I got home and put the phone on WiFi, it only took a few seconds to sync.

Sync’ing over LTE is not slow for me, sounds like Sprint might be your problem.

But yes, Live TV with syncing in the background would be a nice plus.

I JUST solved it, but the phone is on back order.  I am switching to TMobile.  They will pay my ETF.  Getting the Galaxy S5.  I DO NOT want the S6 after some things I read, such as no place for an SD card and can not replace battery. Hopefully everyone shows Samsung that they made a couple of fatal mistakes.

Maybe I didn't have the problem with Sprint before because I had a Galaxy S4 which used the Spark network.  The phone I've been using since I lost it does not have the Spark frequency in it.

How did you solve it?

What’s your current phone?

It will be solved when my new phone arrives.  I have ordered service from T-Mobile.  Goodbye Sprint!  Current Sprint phone is HTC EVO 4G LTE and I have changed the Sprint proxies to

Any other magic I can do until the new T-Mobile phone arrives?

New phone arrived tonight and number is ported.  Upgraded Android OS to the latest.  Installed Tablo and sync and set it up for remote access. 

Don’t be surprised to see more phones with built-in battery and no SD card slot. It’s how they pack more power and more abilities into a phone while reducing weight, keeping the size down, etc.

A removable battery, for example, allows a lot more other features to be put in, memory and so on. 
And as batteries improve, I do expect to see more of that.

@beastman I agree, I think Samsung made a mistake trying to be like Apple when Apple is trying to be like Android…


Next upgrade I will probably be going HTC One M9 or LG G4…

My 64 Gb SD card arrived today which was earlier than Newegg estimated.
I ordered a second battery and charger at half off from Samsung

@beastman yea I have a 64gb in my S5 as well. All my photos go there. about 10gb worth… No idea how they think a 16gb phone can deal with that with the size of the photos from an s5 or any newer phone