Synch issues using hard drive

4th gen. Voice and scene are 10 sec. Off. I have not seen any solutions only variation of issues it was on an external hard drive. It is a rare occasion but still, annoying.

We are using the internal storage and just had this happen last Sunday. I think it was the first time. Recorded AFV from 2 channels, one North channel and the other from the South. Don’t remember which one but one of them was way out of sync and the other was fine. We watched the good one with no issues then went to delete them and it wouldn’t let us as usual. Got the spinning circle. Had to exit the app then restart it to get them to delete. This is with a Roku Ultra.

Is it a good hard drive? or is it an old hard drive?

I had a 500GB SSD on mine and it worked wonders, no issues. I then switched to a older HDD, that I had sitting around for a LONG while (probably 10+ years old). It was a 1TB hdd, I had the same issue as you. It was USB powered by the Tablo USB port too.

Then I came across a nice WD Black 3.5 drive that’s 4TB. I bought a cheap USB adapter off amazon, that had it’s own power supply with it. It works with no issues.

I wonder if it’s the quality of the drive.

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Do you have good RF signal coming in?

Also do you have good wifi signal to your Roku?

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Yes to both.

Yes I have 2 precisely aimed Televes long range mix antennas on my roof. And the Roku is 10 feet from the wifi router in the same room. Roku reports excellent wifi signal.