Sync MUST GO on Android phone

My S7 is syncing forever. It’s been an hour! How long should it take? I unplugged Tablo, uninstalled Tablo app on S7, plugged Tablo in, reinstall Tablo app. Open Tablo app and it ran another hour. HELP!

Uh… sync must go, no matter what the platform (just saying)…

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Mark cleared something on their end, and then it worked! If you have sync problems call support and have your Tablo in remote access.

careful what you wish for, cj.

for now let’s rename sync to be “please get coffee while we optimize your future user experience for maximum awesomeness” or “prefrobnication”.

beast mode, can you see if byte counts are going up and down during your phones extended prefrobnication phase? memory usage for the app changing? cpu time? is the phone getting HOT HOT HOT while it happens or does it seem to be chillin?

Or… maybe isp is throttling your phone plus the phones of the other 1000 phones connected the one cell-tower, all because of your one phone’s punishing data usage watching sanford & son reruns gratuitously upconverted to 1080p 60fps and streamed at max resolution? OK… never mind, i see the problem cleared up, beast mode, cool…

It was on WiFi. Wish there was a way we could do whatever Mark did.

You can call it that I suppose, but you could also call it “Monkey Cage” or “Shoestring” or “Bad Anchovies” and it would be just as accurate.

we better just call it syncing.

sounds like there is some kind of sync cache that can be cleared or uncleared by the tablo oz guy behind the curtain.

i’ll try to use the sammy s8 phone lots more to try to reproduce issues with sync & samsung s8 over good wifi vs variously rate-limited free wifis. tablo s/w on s8 seems super-fast so far, maybe because i don’t have 6.023x10^23 recordings & schedules yet.

Sync thing has to do with channels (mostly). Has do with updating the guide data (pictures, etc.) into the local database it uses locally for your browser/app.