Sync Issues - Video Way Behind Audio

Just to give an update, my 100% redundancy saved the day again this morning. Good Morning America (ABC) had video delayed out of sync from the audio during playback on my Tablo 4th Gen Quad, but played back just fine on my AirTV Anywhere feeding off the same split antenna signal.

This is in Houston, where I’m guessing the broadcasting codecs sometimes might be more cutting edge than elsewhere. So far at least, AirTV has never exhibited this problem, and I’m sure Tablo will eventually fix it, if/when so inclined. I’ve offered to allow the developers to log into my system, but so far, they haven’t reached out to me.

Update: Happened again with ABC World News. Once again, my AirTV Anywhere saved the day.

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Hi, I’m looking for help for these issues as well. I had to buy a Roku as Vizio doesn’t have the Tablo app (4th gen) and am wondering if there’s just too much “stuff” that my ota channels have to go through. My ota channel recordings are horrible, the video freezes after 1-3 seconds, but the audio is fine for a few minutes, then it stops unless I rewind or FF. Online channels playback fine, Guide works fine. Trying to watch live tv (ota) through Tablo has same issue, video freezes, audio keeps going. I have to unplug my coax(?) from Tablo and plug straight back into tv to watch live ota channels. Signal is great 98% of the time.

I just found out while tinkering around that I can watch ota recorded shows & live ota channels on my Tablo app on my iPhone. It seems to playback just fine, so I screen mirrored it to my tv to watch. Of course now the problem is I can’t use my phone at the same time. This makes me think the problem is it’s having to play through the Roku Express- again when I playback through my phone it seems that it recorded fine, so no antenna/signal problem. Apparently I just need the Tablo app straight on my Vizio tv- please add the Tablo app to Vizio tv’s soon!!! @TabloTV

Also, do any of you think there’s a better “go through” device than the Roku Express?

Personally, I have been using FireTV Cube and/or Firestick 4K Max for all my Tablo viewing – generally no issues, other than a bit of reception-related pixelation on really windy days. I understand Roku devices are very popular, but there certainly seem to be more issue discussed on this forum with Roku devices than any other. Good luck.

I use a Roku Express 4K+, Roku Ultra, Roku Streaming Stick 4K and a Roku Soundbar (now called Streambar Pro). None of them have experienced sync issues unless the recording was bad due to poor antenna reception, usually during a hard rainstorm. It’s never happened to me during live TV.

If it works streaming from your phone but not the to the Roku Express you might want to check if you have good wireless connection it. inSSIDer is a great program to check this. I’ve also heard that the older Roku Express units didn’t have the best WNICs in them.

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Thanks for the input; I’ll check all of those out

When I first bought my Tablo 4th Gen Dual in January, the Tablo website showed the Roku Express as compatible. Wrong. Didn’t work. Tech support said I needed at least a Roku Express 4K+, and after I howled about the deceptive website, Tablo removed the Roku Express from the website’s list. (I’m sure I can dig up the screenshots and e-mails if anyone would like proof.)

When I looked it up a few weeks ago, I believe it only had Roku on the list of devices, but not a specific type of Roku which would have been helpful. Nevertheless I’ve got to find something that works while I can still send the Roku Express back! Hopefully tomorrow I can research & order something else.

Update: I bought a Fire tv stick 4k Max, hooked it up last night and everything seems to be working great! :clap:t2: I’m still learning some things about it, but I recommend using it if you’re having playback issues or trouble watching live ota channels.