Switching wifi and going from wired to wireless

So I can finally get away from the overpriced cable co. and I go with Verizon 5G. Most everything goes smooth setting up the device, speeds are better for about the same price, but because of the setup, I need to change my wifi access (of course) and also going from ethernet to wireless.

I have two legacy Tablos (2 tuner each). I followed the procedures and after about five tries, I got one connected. Took at least 12 tries to finally get the other one. Seemed goofy.

It’s not just tablo though, all my echo devices needed to be reset/reconnected individually. One would think the Alexa app could do that seamlessly, but no…

And now I’m having issues with my blink cameras, they don’t want to connect. I guess that’s my last issue to resolve.

Why do all these companies have to make switching so hard? Nowadays I would think people migrate from one provider to another fairly often. I hope this will be my last change for awhile. Thanks for listening.

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I’ll let you in on a secret. You could have just used the same SSID name and password and none of the wireless devices would have known. It’s better for security to update everything to a new SSID and password but a heck of a lot faster to do things the easy way. :laughing:


Here is the thing too… not all gateways wireless chipset are built the same.

Download InSSIDer on your laptop and see how your wireless signal splashes across your home. This will give you an idea you got enough signal.

More than likely, the signal levels have changed.


The most informative site I know with advice to set up a router and network is router security dot org. The author also has a general computer security site which you can link to from the router site. These are sites where, from my middling knowledge point of view, I can read up on topics and maybe make some changes to my network.

I posted a link to the above recently and someone black flagged it as advertising, which it is not. What are the rules regarding posting links on this forum?

This is a great idea.

Another point often overlooked, networking it 2 directions. It’s one thing for the access point to send out a good strong signal. Then the “device” needs to have return signal back to the access point.

Many 3rd party router firmware, maybe stock, have setting to increase transmit power. On the surface that sounds like everything. But if your device can’t effectively communicate back… oh well.

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For a phone, at least Android, there is “WiFi Analyzer (open-source)” by VREM Software Development. Works well, no ads, no tracking.