Switching from Ethernet connection to Wi-Fi

Can’t seem to locate anything to tell me the best way to do this. Just installed our new Tablo using an Ethernet cable. However, in the next few days I will be buying a second Fire Stick for the tv in the den and I want to pick up Tablo via Wi-Fi. In the Settings screen there is nothing about network settings. How do I switch? I have a feeling this will required a factory reset of the Tablo. Thanks in advance.

Leave the Tablo connected to your modem/router via the Ethernet cable (this is generally a more stable and quick connection).

You can connect the Fire TV Stick to your WiFi network which is broadcasted by the modem/router and it will find the Tablo.

The Tablo does not host its own WiFi network where each playback device connects directly to it. The way it work is Playback device to router, then router to Tablo. The Tablo requires you have a modem/router with a WiFi network if you want to device WiFi playback devices such as the AFTV Stick.

Thanks for the comment. However, I still am a little confused with the setup you mentioned. The instructions allude to the fact that you can connect either via an Ethernet or Wi-Fi, however, since I already had the Ethernet connected to the router/Wi-Fi box, I never saw the Wi-Fi set up screen. Any other device I have connected to the internet always has a network option screen in the settings section. The Tablo doesn’t. I am using an App from the Firestick that is connected to the Android TV to access the Tablo. I was hoping that if I unplug the Ethernet cable and do a reboot of the Tablo it would somehow come back to me and ask how I wanted to be connected to the internet – direct connect or Wi-Fi? But, it didn’t!

Our Firestick is already connected to our network via a 5G wi-fi connection to the router. Maybe typing this has caused the light to come on, but you are saying to not make any changes to my current configuration. Since the Tablo is not directly connected to the TV, when I plug a new Firestick into the HDMI port on the other TV and access the Tablo App, everything will be fine and I will be able to access our OTA from that TV as well? Thanks much.

I run the same setup you are referring to, that is two Firesticks on two TV’s. I tried Wireless connection first, had lots of drops and pauses and numerous reboots of Tablo. After hooking up with Ethernet cable, all is great, no dropouts, no reboots. Stick with the hard wired connection is my advice.

If you truly want to go with WiFi, a factory reset would be required and you should see a box when you first go to connect labeled, connect by WiFi. I can also see add by WiFi at my.tablo.tv.com when first signing in to web app.If you are already signed in, go to disconnect and log out, should see it then.

Thanks. Feel a little more confident with the setup now. I will leave things along and get that second Firestick this week for the second TV and test it out. The only things I have been concerned about with Tablo is the (1) overheating of the box, and (2) length of time for the channels to appear after you select them. Experimented with recording yesterday with success and things worked out great!

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Yes the Tablo app on the Fire TV Stick which is connected via WiFi to your router will discover the Tablo connected to your router. And yes, even if the Tablo is hard wired to your router.

Thanks again… I think I have a better understanding of the connections now. Must have had a “senior moment” when even thinking about going to Wi-Fi for the connection.

No problem, think of the Tablo as just another device that connects to your network, said device can either be hard wired to your router or connected via WiFi, but all the devices can communicate with each other. The communication is done via the router.

All the years working in Network Security helped somewhat. However, my mind always wants to shift from what I know on a regular computer network to the ones we use in the house for entertainment. Not really a lot of differences when you have routers, modem, and the internet involved.

Question … Is it possible to switch between wifi and ethernet on a" once in a while" basis? My router is on a different floor about 50ft away from the Tablo. I’ve done a number of things to improve the wifi (installed a wifi extender and put my Roku on 5 GHz, left the Tablo on 2.4 and most of the “spinning small white circle” problems went away. However, not always. 6 out of 7 days it now works well).

I have a 50ft ethernet cable that will connect the tablo to the router but it stretches across the floor, up the stairs so could be a safety hazard, so something that you don’t want to leave around. But if there are connectivity issues I assume this should fix it.

Is it possible to switch back and forth just via a tablo reboot? Or will you need to go through the wifi setup when you go back to wifi. (Log on to Tablo wifi, enter home router password …). This may cause problems with the existing recordings?

You can switch back and forth by just unplugging or plugging in the Ethernet cable and then rebooting the Tablo.

The Tablo will remember your WiFi credentials.

Have you considered Powerlind Ethernet Adapters?


What are Powerline Ethernet Adapters and How Do They Work?
Powerline Ethernet adapters are hardware technology that enable you to extend hardwired Ethernet connections to places in your home where you may not have an Ethernet jack installed or where WiFi reception is poor or unavailable.

The adapters plug directly into your home’s power outlets to deliver Ethernet traffic over your home’s electrical system. Kits cost between $30-$80 US.

I haven’t used them, they have been discussed by other users here at Tablo Community forum.

Also consider Eero mesh system. I have a Tablo hard wired into an Eero that connects wirelessly to the Eero gateway. Tablo thinks it is hardwired and I haven’t had any problems.

I would much rather connect via Ethernet but here’s my issue. I use mesh network, which on WiFi allows me to view via app, but frequently plays hopscotch on the network so requires frequent rebooting. When hardwired it doesn’t allow me to connect via network. That being said the architecture of my network is mesh ->router ->4 port switch at the TV because I have 4 devices that I have hardwired. I am assuming it is something because of the middleman router handing off to the switch, but haven’t figured it out. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.