Switching from 2 to 4 tuner, what happens to the recordings?


Only been a Tablo user for a little over week now and just yesterday I ran into the limitation of the 2 tuner unit. I was watching live TV and 2 recordings started so my live TV was cut off. So I was thinking that I would switch to the 4 tuner unit. My question is, what happens to the recordings already on the hard drive? I know during the initial setup Tablo formatted the hard drive but will it format it again when I go through the setup for the 4 tuner unit? Or will it recognize that the hard drive has already been formatted for use with Tablo and those recordings will be available on the new 4 tuner unit? I have about 8 hours of recordings on it now and just need to know if I need to watch them first before switching.


You can move your hard drive to the new tablo, and keep your recordings. See this article:


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Thank you for this information.