Switched to T-mobile home internet Tablo won't connect

We have had our Tablo for about 4 years now, and recently we switched from our local cable provider to T-mobile 5g home internet, and I cannot get the tablo to connect to the provided router. I am using the same network name and password as my old router, and I go through all the steps to connect it but the app keeps saying I no Tablo’s found. Is there a setting I need to change or does Tablo just not work with T-mobile’s equipment?

I have had T-Mobile Home Internet for about 6 months, and it definitely works with the Tablo (though not remote access via Tablo Connect).

Are you connecting the Tablo via ethernet or wi-fi to the T-Mobile router? Are you using another router in your home that is plugged into the T-Mobile router or are you just letting your T-Mobile router handle the whole network?

The reason I ask is that when I switched, I kept my same mesh network routers as before. I had to make sure the Tablo was connected on the mesh network and not the T-Mobile wireless network. Also any devices that are connecting to the Tablo need to be on the same network as well.

If everything is on the T-Mobile network, it should be easy to troubleshoot as well. Just let me know.

I am using the T-Mobile provided router to connect. When connecting via Ethernet cable it works fine, but when attempting to switch to WiFi, which is my preferred connection method the app on my Roku cannot locate the Tablo on the network. I am using the correct network and password on the Tablo, but it won’t connect. I still have the old router/service and when I switch back to that the Tablo works fine.

I have a spare Tablo, and I hooked it up via WiFi on my T-Mobile router. I then switched a Roku to use that network, and it connected fine.

Just make sure the Tablo and Roku are on the same network and it wouldn’t hurt to reboot the T-Mobile router and the Roku.

I’ve rebooted both multiple times. Tablo connects to the old router without issue, but won’t show a WiFi connection to the new T-Mobile device. Not sure if it’s an issue with the router or perhaps a simple setting I’m overlooking? All my other WiFi devices connected without any issues.

Try the steps in this article: How To Change or Edit your Tablo’s Wi-Fi Network – Tablo (tablotv.com)

Hopefully this helps.

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