Switched to Nvidia Shield with Plex

Ok, after installing a 32-GB sd card and re-installing PLEX on my Nvidia Shield it appears the Guide will be downloading OK.

Will be interesting to see how this works.

Any updates on this and your experience thus far?

I still like it better than my original Tablo experience. It’s much faster. More powerful DVR with tons of options. My only issue is the lack of a traditional guide, but if you have ever used Plex they are constantly updating the software and adding a guide is on their radar for release in the near future.

I was looking at the Tablo engine option and the lack of whole house streaming is a no go for me. Maybe that will be added on the future, but right now I’m not trying my decision at all. Let meet know if you have any specific questions.

I was looking into the HDHomerun as a tuner, I am running plex on a mac mini running high sierra. I currently have a Tablo 4 tuner and I need something that can record up to 4 shows. I cannot and do not want to go to a 2 tuner device so I am probably looking at the Quattro, if I can find one in a store or on the net.

I don’t think I can use a usb tuner, unless I am missing something and that could be the case. I want to stay with Tablo, family is used to it and it has been working fairly well up to now. But I to get down to one interface (plex) and have a tuner that works consistency. That is a huge draw for me.

Can you tell me about your setup and any other difficulties you may have experienced. In the meantime, I will wait and see what the Tablo folks say about my ticket and we troubleshoot a bit more.

Since the Plex Live-TV on went active on Roku last week…I decided to give it a try again. I already had a HDHomerun Extend (the one with hardware transcoding) from when I experimented with the DVR-function several months back. Bottom-line: I’m sticking with Tablo. As a long-time Plex user, the ability to merge my OTA and local-media into a single app is very appealing…but the trade-off isn’t worth it (yet). Below are a few things I’ve found in comparison between Plex Live-TV and Tablo.

Plex Live-TV and DVR Advantages (using a HDHR Extend):
-5.1 audio passthrough
-The ability to see what is on other channels without exiting out of the current channel stream
-Recordings seamlessly merge into your local media
-Able to “pool” multiple tuners into a single server

Tablo Advantages:
-Reception/Transcoding performance…Tablo picture is sharper and has less noticeable compression artifacts (particularly obvious during sports), and had fewer pixelation/freezing instances. Tablo also picked up more channels.
-Better tuner-management. Plex doesn’t seem to release tuners as aggressively when not being used anymore, and doesn’t seem to support a single tuner streaming to multiple clients simultaneously (I could be wrong there).
-Traditional grid-view (although Plex is said to be working on one)
-Stability. Plex had several instances of streams “failing” on the first try for no apparent reason, and various other glitches. Nothing major…but annoying.

I had the same results. It’s nice that there is competition to keep functionality evolving but for the time being I’m sticking with Tablo as well. Tablo is just more mature and stable and for the family acceptance factor that’s what I need.

Having said that, we do most of our playback via Plex as I like the single UI as well. Which makes the 3rd party utilities like Tablo Ripper great, Tablo is the back-end, Plex the front end.

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