Switched from lite to Quad hdmi can't connect wireless devices

My tablo quad hdmi is hard wired. My phone and tablet can’t find tablo. Wifi is turned on in settings and on same network. Help!

The TV connected DVR such as the DUAL HDMI and QUAD HDMI do not support smartphones and tablets. Read the product page for clarification.

You need a network connected DVR for that.

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My tablo lite did. But this doesn’t?

Correct. There are several significant differences between the products. This is one of them. You probably should have gotten the normal Quad tuner model.

Thx! I do like the remote and going thru firestick was awful. I guess I’ll keep my lite to stream to my cell and tablets. Do i need a hard drive for the lite if I just use it as a streaming device? And btw I followed tablos instructions to switch hard drives from the lite to the quad hdmi but still lost all my recordings! Oh well can’t complain now! Thx! Hey everyone buy Roku not firestick to play the tablo app. Night and day difference! And IMO the quad hdmi is even better.

Their support database likely needs to be updated, moving from an old Tablo to a new Tablo will only work from a network connected DVR to a network connected DVR. I don’t even know if it works for a TV connected DVR to a TV connected DVR.

But you trying to go from a network connected DVR to a TV connected DVR won’t work as the recording formats are different (one is h264 video and one is MPEG2 video).

If you’re just streaming live TV one channel at a time, then I don’t think you need a drive. If you’re streaming two channels then I think you do.

Thx for the info! I appreciate it. I retired three years ago from the fire service and set up five fire houses with h.264 video conferencing while working light duty after an injury. That was about 10 years ago or so. Is was a new concept then. So I can understand what your talking about.
I moved my hard drive to the new tablo and followed their instructions. It still shows a tarabite of space used but I can’t access it. Any ideas?
Also when I first set up the new one I had volume control. I switched to fixed since it goes through a tuner/amp but lost volume control on tablo remote. I switched it back and still no volume control. I was messing with cec. I rebooted both the amp and the tablo several times. Thx

Hopefully the overnight maintenance reclaims that space of orphaned recordings. If not, you’ll have to format the drive.

Ok thx!