Switch from DVR to Fire Box

Hello, I want to purchase the Tablo 2 tuner OVT DVR. Question is I want to record a local OVT channel CBS on the Tablo. I will also have Sling TV on my Amazon Fire Box that also receives local CBS. Can I switch back and forth between the Tablo DVR and Amazon Fire Box? Can I watch just on the Tablo DVR with just the OTA antenna and not the firebox?

The FireTv is what you would use to watch both SlingTv and the Tablo on your TV. They are both apps on that device, and you can just pick which app to run. You just can’t record shows from SlingTv onto the Tablo.

You can also run both apps on your computer, smart phones, and other streaming devices. The Roku SlingTv app also has a DVR function now.

You don’t connect to the Tablo like you would a normal Cable box. You connect it from the antenna to the Tablo box, then connect your tablo to your home wireless router. The router sends the signal throughout your house. On the Amazon Firetv, you download both the Sling App and the Tablo App. Then you pick which one you want to watch, just like if you wanted to watch the Youtube App from the FireTv.

Also, not sure how many people are in your house but Sling isn’t the only game in town for good Cable channels through your internet. Look into Playstation Vue or Directv NOW. They both have about 70 channels for $35 and you can watch it on up to 4 or 5 tvs. These also are just Apps that get loaded on the FireTV.

Thanks, that is what I wanted to know and hear. It explains it a bit better for me.

Thank you for explaining about the Sling App and the Tablo App. Now I understand better.

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