Swipe Menu

I would love the user interface to allow for swiping in from the left to access the side menu. This would make the app even more useful.

Also, is there any reason why the guide only goes about 2 days in the future and not the full 14 days?

Live TV guide only shows 24 hours. But if you go under Primetime or Shows, you can search for shows up to 14 days of guide data.

The Tablo folks have said that a live tv guide that shows 2 weeks of data would take way too long to display, so they made it show just 24 hours.  

They said that 2 weeks in on their to do list in future Roku updates.

Thanks for the info. Just was curious. I did see that the other categories showed shows for 14 days.

@faganm24 - Good feedback. Are you on iOS or Android?

@TabloTV I am on both, but I was thinking of the Android App.  I see that functionality a lot in Android where there is a button up high that functions, but you can also swipe in from the side.  I keep trying to swipe in, so I thought there are probably a lot of other users that think the same thing.  It makes it easier and quicker to access everything.

@TabloTV It seems like iPad interface swipes in from the side. Maybe this is a web app thing? Is the iPad app a web app? Functionality like that on Android would be great.

@faganm24 - The iPad app is native.

@TabloTV is rebuilding the native android app (for tablets and phone) and the native iOS app (for iPhone) next on the roadmap?  Would love to have features like this included.


I think they have bigger fish to fry. People want Xbox apps and Windows 8 apps.

@faganm24 - We’d like to do a lot of things but finding the time is hard

As @theuser86 points out, we need to focus on the things that will help us gain more market share and rebuilding/replacing apps for devices that are already supported is a tough thing to prioritize vs. something brand new. 

It’s not to say it won’t ever happen, I just don’t have an ETA. 

@tablotv just what I’m looking for. Thanks.

I would love for the ability to swipe in from the left. I tried it a few times in a row when I first installed the app. I have a Nexus 6, so it’s actually quite difficult to reach all the way up to that corner to tap that button. I know…first world problems.

There are probably bigger issues to solve, but I would love to see this added to a future update.