Surround sound on android tablets

Hi, I am trying to play tablo on my new Samsung galaxy tab S7, but I can’t get the surround sound to work. The tablo knowledge base said that it should work on select newer models. The S7 is one of the newest tablet on the market but it doesn’t look like it is compatible. I am presently able to play sound on a Chrome web page using VLC as external video player, but it will stop working soon, due to the new Chrome browser policy. I would like to know if anyone has been able to play surround sound on any android tablet using the official app? If yes which tablet ?

I have a surround sound system but recordings don’t natively work on my Pixel 4 so a similar situation. You could try the ota2GO Android app, it has some toggles that I use to get things to work. I enable the use of an external player for 5.1 recordings and use MX Player as that external player but it will also work with VLC.

I download the recordings from the Tablo via ota2GO and then play them back on my Pixel 4 with ota2GO.

Since it doesn’t seem like there is any android tablet compatible with surround sound, I would like to request the ability to use an external video player on the official android app. TABLO, would that be possible?


I experienced the same issue with my Samsung S6 Tablet, but what I realized the issue is not truly with the talbet it’s self. I found and Old Tablo preview version 1.8.0 app design for Fire TV on the web and curiously I was able to install and listen at my surround recording on my Samsung S6 tablet even if this app was design for Fire TV…

On my Samsung S9 phone this app is not compatible so I installed ota2GO and it is working fine but on my Samsung S6 tablet this app return me a message that my device is not compatible with ac3 audio coding and I should use an external app like VLC and curiously ota2GO switch to VLC and the surround was OK…

In conclusion it is a matter of app more than compliant hardware…Now with different setup I can listen my Tablo with surround on all my devices…

I wish that Tablo app for android that is available on Google Play Store will be updated , since Tablo Preview android app is able to decode surround…


Since the new Tablo app has replaced the Tablo Preview app for “Android TV” devices, do they plan on doing the same for “Android” devices?

Thanks mariobross55, I have installed ota2go and it is working perfectly on my s7.
I have never tried it before since I though I had to download the program first before I watch it. But now I know that it can also play the recording directly from Tablo. And thanks to the creator of that app, works really well.

I hope that Tablo Will update the existing Android app that is available from Google app store , surround is support on the old Tablo preview app , so it is certainlly possible To apply the same feature on Tablo from Google