Surround Sound on and Off

I was on a chat tonight and someone said Surround Sound setting not on phone app. Sure enough, I checked and he is right. Any chance of adding it to the phone apps?

With Tablo you have to define what “soon” means

Once your Tablo has updated to the 2.2.22 firmware, the global
Surround Sound feature can be enabled via a toggle in the settings
screen in the following Tablo apps:

Tablo web app at
Tablo Preview app for Amazon Fire TV and Android TV
Tablo Apple TV app
Tablo Roku Channel (coming soon)

The toggle will be added to additional Tablo apps soon.


@beastman you can go to on your phone to enable/disable it.

I enabled it on AppkeTV. Just someone in the Wednesday night Cord Cutters news chat asked