Surround Sound 5.1 . Stumped

I have surround sound turned on my Tablo Dual Lite. I have two TV’s , one Sony on a 4k Firestick and the other is a new TCL Google TV. Both have a 5.1 surround system. I get surround sound out of both TV’s using Netflix, Prime and every other streaming app. I put rabbit ears on both TV’s to further test and got surround sound off the rabbit ears. But I can’t surround sound when streaming using the Tablo app. Either live or watching recorded shows. Any ideas what I might be missing?

Do you have Surround Sound turned on in the Tablo settings?

Yes , I have surround turned on. Recording and live TV set to HD 1080, 720@60fps,
Surround sound is set to on as is the Surround Sound Passthrough.

Did you ever find an answer? I’m struggling also.

Depending on your settings, and usually because WAN bandwidth, there may be a conversion happening, and that might make this not work streaming wise. Just taking a guess. If you have the bandwidth, make sure your Tablo remote streaming is set to Full Quality and see if that makes a difference.