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I have read about 20 or so posts on surround sound, I have read the FAQs, I have google and binged Tablo surround sound. My problem seems simple, but I have not found an answer. I use only my PC to watch college and NFL football games using Tablo for OTA games (FOX, ABC and NBC). When I select surround sound, then record a game (like green bay at chicago thursday night), I get no sound. I know that game was broadcast in dolby 5.1. When I watched live on my TV, I clearly had two front speakers, two rear surround speakers, announcers on the center speaker, and a subwoofer channel that came through OK. When I watched the game live on Tablo using my PC, NO sound. When I watched the Tablo recording on my PC, NO sound. I tried watching the game using my TV with fire stick, NO sound. When I switch OFF the surround sound check box, I get 2 channel sound. I can watch DVDs on my PC, and I get clear 5.1 surround sound with voices on center speaker and a great subwoofer. It is NOT a problem with my PC sound or my audio system (Asus Z270E and Logitech Z506). I have tried deleting the Tablo device from my PC, then reconnect and resync. No luck. I have tried resetting the tablo with the blue button in the back, I have tried removing power for 30 seconds, then reinstalling power. No luck. What can I do to get 5.1 on my Tablo?

Bill Meier

What are you using to access the Tablo on your PC? The Win 10 app or a browser?

Are you using Chrome on your pc to access If so, I don’t believe that Chrome supports 5.1 audio. In fact, I’m not sure if any of the supported browsers are capable of handling 5.1 audio. I don’t have any of the fire products, so I can’t answer why your fire stick doesn’t work. Watching DVD’s on your computer uses a different video player, which apparently does support 5.1 audio.

According to this support article, you need to be using the Win10 app.

Yes, the issue here is having the HTML5 player in the Chrome brower passthrough the 5.1 AC3 audio to your audio playback device (have it be an AVR or speakers). From the link you posted:

“The original Tablo app for Amazon Fire TV and Android TV, Tablo’s web app via the Google Chrome browser, and Chromecast DO NOT support passthrough of Surround Sound at this time.”

I just did a test, and the Win10 app does work with surround sound, at least on my PC. I honestly didn’t realize that worked.

I am using using chrome. I have looked for an app that I can download and use without the browser, but I have not yet found it. Is there a my.tablotv app that I can download so that I can bypass chrome or Edge.

It is used for both Win10 and the Xbox.

It seems to me that the tablo web app is only available by using a browser like chrome. I looked at the app page on the tablo web site, went to the link for PC and Mac, and it just opened the same screen that I get when I go to using chrome.

What version of Windows are you running? Windows 10?

Here’s a link to the Win 10 app.

Snowcat posted a link to the app.

Apparently this app is available at the microsoft store, and they require that I create a microsoft account to access this app. I don’t want a microsoft account. Is there any way around this, or do I have to bite the bullet and create a microsoft account.

I have had a Microsoft account forever, and it hasn’t been a problem.

If you don’t want to use any of the OOTB apps, my app
has built in watching of recordings that uses ffplay, or you can grab the streaming URL of the recording and watch it in any client on your PC you would like (such as VLC)

Thank you all for your help. I finally managed to download the Tablo app from the microsoft store, and sure enough, the surround sound works. Problem solved. However, as I expected, microsoft is now trying to take over my computer. Yes, I know, that is an exaggeration, but you get the point. The first thing that microsoft did was change my startup screen. Instead of going straight to the desktop, I now have to enter my microsoft password in a startup screen. I changed that back to skip the password, but what else did they do. That’s why I didn’t want to sign up with the microsoft store. But I guess you have to take the good with the bad. As for Tablo, why don’t they provide an app that allows me to use all of the features of the equipment. The Tablo internet app doesn’t do that. If I pay over a hundred dollars for equipment, I expect the vendor to provide me with everything I need to use all of the features of that equipment. Is that too much to expect??. Does Tablo monitor this site. I hope somebody at Tablo can respond to this.

if you mention @TabloSupport they get notified…but in general yes, I think they monitor most of the threads :slight_smile:

They do provide an app that allows you to use surround sound. You need to complain to Google, who won’t support surround sound in Chrome.

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You make a good point!