- Python program to query and convert Tablo recordings

Community labor vs. slave labor.

FWIW, I found another Python program that works with the new API. I’m not going to provide any other details here because I don’t know if the author realizes that he’s technically in violation of the NDA. Assuming he signed one, that is.

Any more news or still dead in the water?

Don’t think the new firmware has been pushed out (or at least not to me) yet. So… I guess still “dead in the water” for beta users (sorry).

No worries, just checking. I thought you were on the beta program. My bad.

This is demented – I have had a beatifull little automation script running like a charm for well over a year – did all the extrack, placed things in the right folders, zapped the commercials, extracted the cc etc. etc. and it just works with SurLaTablo, until this new closed API.

i have tried the “official NDA cleared” tools;

  • Tablo Ripper cannot figure out how to do cc, much less be scripted into something that could help it do so
  • Tablo Exporter is so limited I’m amazed it is even there
  • Tablo2go craps out with a script error

@TabloTV – can we please have SurLaTablo enabled again, you are making some really questionable decision here about who to enable and who not to – especially taking the quality of the “alternatives” into account – please listen to us, your user base, and don’t force us to to have to escalate a bad decision, just because you want to stand on principle. Everyone makes bad calls from time to time – but the difference between a customer-centric company and a company that down care, is that the former recognizes when they get it wrong, they fix and their users love them for it.

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@cjcox I know it’s not the “same thing” you’ve been doing, but would you have any interest in invoking a .NET DLL instead of the Tablo API? That would give you access to the API from Python without NDA issues.

Let me know if you’re interested and we’ll hash out a few methods you can use.

Not useful on non-Windows system.

Agreed. But it’s one way to go. Just thought I’d offer it up and see if there’s interest.

Actually, I don’t believe you’re allowed to re-expose the API with your own API wrapper and make that “open”… but I do appreciate the desire to help. SurLaTablo, an open FOSS platform, just so happens to run everywhere, and really wasn’t designed to be Windows only (I don’t use Windows, for example).

@GrothPU, SurLaTablo, because of it’s free and open approach… well, it’s always been known that Tablo could shut down it’s access as will. It’s a risk that has always been known. Of course, I have a vested interest (for now) in getting shows off my Tablo… I had a need, wrote some software and shared it with everyone. I stil have that “need”… So there may be an “interruption”… the goal is OTA that “works”… be that Tablo or other. I will do my best in satisfying my needs and continue to share that work.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I’m not suggesting a wrapper on the Tablo API, but I already have a delegate that does useful stuff like ‘get recording list’ and ‘get recording url’. They’d return my custom objects, not Tablos.

Again, it’s just an offer. And of course not everybody runs Windows.

And thanks for the offer. I appreciate the work you’ve done.

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Just fyi, updated version for new firmware is progressing… might be released this week.

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After the new firmware update to 2.2.12 you have to run the 3.x version of Tablo2go script. It works fine and I have migrated from the 2.x version which is only supported to firmware 2.2.10.

New SurLaTablo is in the works. Maybe this weekend?

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That would be great. Currently I’m using tablo2go but I have to run it manually. Being able to go back to my surlatablo cron job would be a big win.

Warning: It’s a LOT of work… a LOT of work… did I say it’s going to take a lot of work? This will be 2.0, might as well rewrite the whole thing…

I too use your python script to integrate the Tablo with my plex server. The script handles all my recordings other than live sporting events to transparently get the content into my libraries, and has been hassle free the entire time. This integration with Plex has made the Tablo so much more enjoyable, as I have experienced the Tablo quirks most people complain about from time to time while watching the sports directly off the Tablo device and if I had to deal with them for everything I record I would probably stop using the Tablo.

In any case, I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you for sharing your hard work with the community. I really appreciate it!

Dada… dum, dum, dum… more meta data bites the dust… Dada… dum,dum, dum… and another one down and another one down, more meta data bites the dust… (I program faster when not faced with stuff like this)…

fingers crossed. :grin: