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Is there a list of LG Tv’s that the Tablo app is known to work on? We need a new main TV, and I want to purchase one that supports the app so we can do away with the Roku device in that room. We have 2 32" LG tvs that doesn’t support the Table app, so i want to avoid that mistake again!

I think the key is WebOS. I have a WebOS 2.0 TV… and it seems to work ok, but I’m not totally sure if I’m running the latest (it doesn’t say there’s an update available).

But I’ll say this until I’m blue in the face. If you want things to work… get a Roku.

Unfortunately there isn’t because LG plays that pretty close to the vest. We believe the app will work on TVs running webOS 2+ however, it’s a bit of a roll of the dice as to why some TVs are left out and some aren’t.

That’s the downside of having a non-standard app store (both LG & Samsung do this).

The only way to know ‘for sure’ is to have someone with the same model check the app store for the Tablo app. Or maybe give LG a call?

As @cjcox pointed out, Smart TVs running Roku or Amazon Fire TV can be guaranteed to be supported. And if you love the LG picture quality, it’s easy to pop a Roku or Fire TV into the HDMI port.

We’ve got more info on Smart TV support here:

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[/quote]Thanks for the reply. I will look when I go to the store and see if it’s in the list. We bought the 32" smart TV’s with WebOs2.0 and was very disapointed when we couldn’t get the Tablo app. I contacted LG and they said it was a Tablo problem, I contacted Tablo and they said it’s a LG problem. We don’t mind the Roku’s, but would be nice to have one less remote to use while watching TV.

Thanks for the reply. Our 32" TV’s have WebOS 2.0 and it’s not availiable on them. We have Roku’s on them and are okay with that, but would be nice to do away with the extra remote. That’s just one more thing to keep track of!

What I like is that you can have multiple vendors of TVs. We have LG, Toshiba and a extra cheap something or another… we have replaced TVs (changed vendors) over the years, and it’s nice that there’s that very consistent Roku UI.

With that said, we own Roku 3’s (then the top of the line many years ago) and we have one Roku Ultra (new). If you want a long lasting experience with Roku, I recommend going with their top tier devices.

I like that with the newer Roku Ultra (possibly others) you can control volume and power from the Roku.

We’ve found that the super small TVs are the ones that often get excluded from app distribution. It’s not clear whether this is because they have slower ‘smarts’ or some other magical reason.

And sorry about the finger pointing exercise. You’re probably speaking with a front-line support rep who doesn’t understand the whys any better than we do.

They’re probably also used to dealing with questions about why companies just don’t have an app for ANY LG TV, which is indeed in the app creator’s court.

I have my own reason not to use smart TVs… cjcox has a valid point. If you stick with, for example, Roku, you have a consist app interface across your expensive TV and maybe lower end ones.

I suspect you’d like to keep your TV as long as it works, despite the “smart” technology becoming outdated. Upgrading Roku (or other devices) are substantially less expensive as newer apps don’t want to run on your older TV.

I agree. We have all fairly new Rokus or Roku TVs, expect my son’s TV which is connected to an Xbox. All the Rokus have power and volume control for the TV so it’s one remote. I setup the Rokus to have the same apps, sorted in the same order so now, all six Roku enabled TVs in the house work exactly the same way which cuts down on support questions from the family :wink:. And the Roku experience is excellent.

Wondering what model of Roku devices support the tv controls? Our 4’s say the remote doesn’t support that feature.

You need a Roku Voice or Enhanced Remote. Roku model compatability is listed here:

I always pick TVs that have Roku Built in so I don’t need to worry about which Smart TV can support Tablo.

We have Roku Ultras. We use the Roku remote for volume control on an old Sharp, a small Samsung and a new LG so we only use the TV remote when using special features of the LG or the DVR. I have not found the voice control on the Roku to be of much use.

Depend on which TV brand, My Roku Ultra remote control does not work with my Westinghouse TV. :-1:

I recently purchased an LG 32LM570BPUA and come to find out the Tablo APP is not available for this model. I contacted LG Tech Support and they stated that Tablo only support LG WebOS 49" and larger. Request to know if Tablo will be providing app for my model. Below is LG’s response to my query:

"As per checking here in our resources, Tablo application decided to support only on LG WebOS 49" TV models. For an alternate option, I am pleased to inform you that Tablo App is still available with streaming devices such as Roku Stick, Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV that you may purchase. Please be assured there is no difference in terms with picture quality using streaming devices."

This is why I never rely on my TV for its “smart” abilities, usually pretty garbage.

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Read the link below.