Suggestions from a new user

  1. To have Picture on Picture, so I can continue to watch another show or consult the guide.
  2. See 1st Date aired on shows.
  3. While in Scheduled tab, being able to make Coming Soon the Default view.
  4. Put the Scheduled tab, under or over Recordings, not sure why it is at the bottom, who’s the Coder that won that one :slightly_smiling_face:

Which app are you using? The Roku app allows you to keep watching a live show while browsing for other shows. It will be there for all the other apps at some point.

First air date is in the program guide for every episode.

It’s also on Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV/Android TV now. So pretty much all of the ‘couch’ apps with the exception of Xbox and native Smart TV apps.

Using an Nvidia Shield with the Preview app.

When watching a show, I can press Up on the wheel and see listings of other shows, but not a thumbnail of the show itself, so I can monitor 2 shows at the same time, Picture in Picture. Not just Text in Picture…

Am I missing something?

And I do not see 1st aired date anywhere… Hum…

Where is that Program Guide for every episode?

For example Castle

TV shows, then All, then the Artwork for Castle or using letters to spell it. Click on Castle.
Then Castle 10 episodes, at the bottom the episodes, I do not see any 1st aired adates…

This show has ended, should all have a date… No?

The Preview app is not feature-complete yet (that’s why it’s Preview). Use the release version of the app.

Or use the web app on a computer.

This is from the PC app.

For the Nvidia Shield :
There are 3 versions popping up.

Tablo Engine
Tablo Preview

Somewhat confusing…

I’ve switched to the Tablo version, and yes I can now see the 1st Aired Date.

Looking at TV Shows, in the standard version, there is no Search option I can see. Luckily I was not looking for Zoolander… Is this the case?

Tablo Engine is a completely different app, where you have a USB tuner attached directly to the Shield, so you won’t want to use that.

It doesn’t hurt to have both the Tablo and Preview apps on.

As for search, I would think the magnifying glass icon would be in the top right corner of the various guide screens like in most of the other apps.

Search is at the top of the main menu (where Recordings and Scheduled are).

Got it and thank you all.

Great to have quick answers. Refreshing actually.

After fighting with my telco to cancel TV service and keep internet only. But, in the end, I won. Well at least that’s the impression I got. :thinking: