Suddenly - antenna problem

A week or 2 ago there was a storm with very strong winds in my area. Some trees were damaged badly and so on. On my Tablo about half of my stations had an error message, “Signal from TV Antenna is too weak”. Today I went out and bought a brand new antenna that was supposed to be stronger and now NO stations are coming in. Really??

Another related matter: I can’t disconnect my antenna from the Tablo because it just spins forever but I saw others on the forum had the same thing without any operating problem so I was never concerned about that - maybe I should now[?]

Our original antenna is/was a Winegard Freevision Outdoor Antenna which I never had a problem with at all going on 4 years now. The new one, if it matters, is an ONN Outdoor Amplified HDTV Antenna.

Also, if it helps, the rest of my set up:

4 Tuner Tablo, Seagate BUP Slim BK 0108 (1000 GB), Roku for streaming and the Tablo wired to Verizon FIOS Quantum Gateway AC1750 router/modem combo.

TX in advance you guys!

It sounds like your antenna connection has been broken free from the circuit board of the Tablo. If you are handy with a soldering iron and electronics you might be able to repair the connection, but that is a very big if.

As a first step, I would contact Tablo Support and see what they can tell you. But if it were me, I would order a new Tablo Quad or possibly a reconditioned Tablo 4 tuner. Just my 2 cents worth.

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This is likely related to the issues you’re seeing - did you see this behaviour before the antennas were swapped? Any chance the new coax was over-tightened when you attached the new one?

Which is why I connected a small 1 foot coax to my Tablo as a stub never to be disconnected. Instead I connect my longer cables to this smaller one through a barrell connector whenever I change antennas or shuffle cables around. Thus the actual Tablo connector never gets touched.

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Good idea. Also do not wrench your coax on the Tablo

I have the freevision. Great antenna. After 3 or 4 years it just went bad. Turned out to be the black thing that plugs into the middle of the antenna went bad, most likely from weather. I forget what you call that part but go out and buy the same antenna. They’re pretty cheap. And that should be good for another 4 years haha.

Oh after reading your post a little further sounds more like your connection to Tablo.

If you’ve already decided a product was so cheap it’s likely to break, why do you thing the rest of it will hold up?
If I felt something was so pathetically built as not to be used “as designed”… I wouldn’t spend much money on it, but everyone has a different perspective of value.

Yes this was the behaviour before the antennas were swapped. Like I mentioned, others on the forum seemed to have this yet dismiss it. I only went to the roof to swap. The spinning has been there a long time If it was a problem before I would have contacted you right away.

Unless anyone has any new suggestions I think I’m gonna try Tim_K’s idea…

I had the same issue with the connector at the Tablo near 3 years ago. I noticed it right away and contacted support. They told me that this was a defect and that they would ship out a replacement Tablo but I was never given a tracking number and never received the replacement. When I contacted them for an explanation, I didn’t receive a reply. I just kind of chalked it up to the fact that I was probably beyond the warranty period and wrote it off. I’ve had to move the Tablo a couple of times since then and have used a pair of small needle nose pliers to hold the connector in place while I unscrew the coax. It obviously never disconnected at the circuit board as it’s been pretty steady with my signal over the years but it’s a hassle nevertheless. I eventually dripped a couple drops of super glue down into the hole in the back thinking that it might help secure the barrel plug enough to forego the needle nose pliers but it didn’t take. I’ve always just finger tightened the coax and all seems well up to the present. I know this isn’t going to help you in your situation if yours has come loose from the board but I thought I’d share that it’s not an isolated incident. Would still appreciate a replacement if the powers that be are so inclined. I still have the emails with ticket number to and from support about the issue.

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Good news! New Winegard antenna did the trick! Thank you all & thank you Tim!

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