Sudden Channel Failure

I’ve had Tablo now for years, and NBC has been flawless. That happens to be our morning show and evening news channel of choice, so we literally watch NBC every single day, multiple times a day. Suddenly two days ago the signal went bad, and nothing on NBC is working. Not a single show - morning or evening - works. Is this something I can contact the station about? The antenna looks completely fine; nothing at all changed that I can think of.

Clearly I do not believe Tablo is at fault, but this is killing my TV experience. We’ll have to go back to cable if we can’t fix this.

Has there been a “repack”… try a channel scan.

Is there a TV with an antenna connected, to confirm it doesn’t work on anything - not just a problem with the tablo in your household.

As much as I avoid facebook, do they have any comments there about any issues or changes they’ve had?

I had a “nothing changed” …oh yea, lightening hit the transformer a few weeks ago. A couple things acted up, one died. Tracked my problem to a transformer which came on at night - just one channel, yet. But nothing changed. Just saying, sometimes changes aren’t something that stand out.

Have you checked your coax run for any damage?

No repack. I could plug this directly into a TV, but why would every other channel work? I’ll try plugging it into the TV.

A reboot and a fresh channel scan may help.

If it doesn’t work on the TV - it’s, reception, scan or transmission. If it works on the TV the you look in a different direction … just some trouble-shooting suggestions. Maybe it’s not something

Another possibility, it might be due to some external interference, or a new electrical device in your house, or a device that may be malfunctioning.

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You might want to contact the station. I had a problem with a local station, jumped through all sorts of hoops to troubleshoot the issue. Found out their antenna was damaged. It took several weeks for them to replace it with a new antenna. Problem fixed.

Had experience a problem with one station where we live when there main antenna caught fire and they used a sub antenna that has a week signal and that channel became unwatchable and sometimes won’t even tune in, it got better two weeks later when they got there main antenna fix.