I am new to the forum and I may get started using Tablo with Roku 2. My query is this, would subtitles be available? My television has the capacity to turn on or off. However, using the Roku app, would my over the air local channels still be able to use subtitles? My old Charter Cable DVR took care of that. Thank you in advance.

In the TV world, they’re called closed captions. Tablo is working on perfecting the CC support, but it currently doesn’t work for all channels. Works for some.

It also only works for the Roku and the iPad app.

Where do I find the Tablo app in the Roku Channel Store?

It’s not in the Roku Channel Store. It is a private channel, you can still add it to your box with the link below.

Read this:

Link to the Roku channel:

Thanks! Did the job.